Thursday, September 1, 2016

Happy September!

Hard to believe that the summer has come and gone. Here in Central Oregon one feels the coming of fall in the brisk morning air and cool evenings. I love watching the leaves change colors!

We are spending the weekend at the cabin and I've been trying to get bindings on long awaiting quilts. 

finally did this one for a quilt I made years ago. This is a Lori Smith pattern and it represents my first attempt at wool appliqué!  I love the colors. 

My birds need eyes!!  I may try to find some tiny buttons. I am thinking I'll hang this on a wall. 

In my search for the perfect borders for my challenge quilt, I was particularly interested in the next show at Quiltworks. Here is a sneak preview!

All these strips finish at 1/4"!! I think they're not as hard as they look because you trim them after each round. The full exhibit goes up Friday night and I'll get over there before we head back to California !

Next up is the binding on the cheddar quilt!  Stay tuned!  Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Gorgeous finish--love that applique--I think the colors are just perfect!!
    AND those log cabins are to D I E for!! Love love love those narrow strips...hugs, Julierose

  2. Never combined wool and cotton in a quilt before ... any tips for a novice? Your wallhanging project is GORGEOUS!! Need a drool bucket for the next quilt show ... hopefully you'll be as kind as always and SHARE lots and lots (and lots) of pictures. LOVING that sneak peek. Are those pineapples?? Linda

  3. Randy, your first attempt at wool applique is gorgeous! That seems to be the general consensus (I just read the other comments). : )
    I have made log cabin blocks with 1/4" finished strips (foundation pieced), but the blocks haven't had that many rounds. Those take patience and dedication!

  4. Your quilt is fabulous and if you don't have little buttons, you can make the eyes with thread !
    The Log is awesome ! Thank you for the pics !

  5. Your first try at wool applique is gorgeous. You made it like a pro. Yes, those poor birds do need eyes, lol. How big is it? I love it. Congrats!
    Can't wait to see more of that log block quilt, and a picture of the entire quilt would be lovely too (please?). A quarter inch? That's amazing! Thanks for the sneak peek. ;^)

  6. I like your medallion a lot! Nice job getting it done!

  7. Oh yes, come on Fall! I love your Lori Smith quilt. I never thought to do it with wool. Beautiful! And your log cabin - yikes! 1/4" logs! Fun!

  8. I recognized the Lori Smith design right away. Have always liked it and you did quite well making it.

  9. Your quilt is wonderful! I love the medallion and the 9-patches! The log cabin quilt is awesome! I wish I was closer to Bend so I could go to their monthly exhibit!