Sunday, January 29, 2017

And the winner is.....

Thanks to all who offered to take this darling little book off my hands! ;-)

The winner is:


Email me your snail mail address and I'll send it your way ASAP!!  I'm definitely going to be giving away more books so keep an eye out!

I did finish the center block of the Primitive Gatherings summer freebie and am pleased with how it turned out!

You may notice the blue markings from the Frixion pen I used for placement of the pieces (which I obviously didn't follow or you wouldn't see the markings!).  I did press them out yesterday when I started putting the top together. 
 Lesson #1 of the day:  check seam allowances on different machines.
The next border for this is a ton of tiny half square triangles (they finish at 1/2").  I sewed one row together using my Juki, which definitely sews a very scant 1/4" seam. When I laid them out I had two extras and then realized the seam allowance was too small.  I took off the two extras.  The rest of the triangles will be sewn with my Janome which sews a better 1/4" seam.  UGH!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the next two Triangle Gatherings I finished this weekend. 

 Just an observation about the difference 500 miles can make!  When we left our cabin in Oregon Thursday, we were cheering that the temperature got up to 35* (and  we still have to deal with two leaks in the cabin due to the ice dams!!).  We got back to California and had the kids for the weekend.  Little Emma loves the water so I took her swimming yesterday to a nearby pool.  YUP, it was close to 70* and she had a ball!  So there you have it.  California weather trumps (oops, no pun or political statement intended) Oregon's.  Big surprise!  We still LOVE our time up in Sunriver, I gotta tell you.  Even with all the snow and ice!


  1. Such a pretty finish on your wool block, Randy!
    I often paper piece the small HST borders on Lisa's patterns so that they all come out the same, no mater the machine. I have been known to make my own paper foundations so that they are in a strip the needed length, and I just stitch the fabric on and remove the paper. No sewing together of a bazillion tiny HSTs involved! Tiny adjustments in seam allowances on such borders just invite trouble.

  2. Oh that wool block is so pretty! I have indeed experienced the same "oh no" moment when realizing that my units were pieced on two different machines. It seems no matter how much we try to make the allowance a perfect 1/4", the two machines just argue about it! I can hardly imagine 70 degrees right now. Sounds like a fun time!