Sunday, February 5, 2017

Quilt shopping in San Diego - YEAH

When I realized I was going to be in San Diego, I remembered that Primitive Gatherings opened a shop in Southern California.  Forget that it was a good 1+ hr to get there after we landed.  It was our first stop!

Told my dh to bring a book and relax because I was going to be a while!! The store in California is a fraction of the store in Wisconsin but still pretty amazing.  Here are some shots of what I found:

I did buy some fabric, a couple of small kits and a pattern or two.  I just loved this quilt and got the pattern and some fabric for it.  It is a Sue Garman pattern so I felt pretty good about buying one of her patterns, since I find her quilts so impressive!

I bought the red and white for the connecting sections and border.  I'll use my own stash for the squares.  This is a quilt I have been wanting to make forever, although wasn't planning on making it with such SMALL pieces.  vbg.

Then today, I dragged my dh again to another quilt store, Rosie's, which is truly amazing.  It has the biggest selection of colors I've ever seen.  Here is a sample:

Can you imagine, if you were looking for a yellow, for example, having so many bolts to choose from??  I didn't get a whole lot but still have fun.

We did do more than quilt shopping.  I found this floor in a restaurant we walked into.  Gorgeous!!

And we went to a house and museum in Balboa Park and saw this gorgeous wood floor from over 100 yrs ago.  Log cabin patterns in wood floors!

We are heading back home tomorrow after a fun, meeting filled weekend!

I want to remind everyone that we are going to start a quilt along on the first of March and I hope you'll all join in--you can make as few as 4 blocks or more!  Or even just one for a pillow or wall-hanging!

I'll announce the winner of the Hexie book tomorrow, after I return back to California.


  1. I admit to a tiny tingle of jealousy about your visit to Primitive Gatherings! Not really...but I would love to go, someday!! Is the quilt below your announcement the quilt we are going to make???

  2. Would love to have the chance to visit either Primitive Gatherings store. You gave hubby good advice about bringing a book! : )
    Love hat pattern of Sue Garman's. When do you plan to tackle that? : )
    Wish I could join the QAL. I really want to make that quilt, but now is not a good time. : (

  3. OMG ! OMG ! We need a quilt shop like this in France !!
    I'm sure you spent a wonderful time in it !!

  4. The things we put our husband through! Awful wives that we are. (hehehe! Not!) One can always find the right fabric at Rosie's. Wow! Never seen so many bolts of one colour together like that. I'm very impressed. Thanks for sharing. It was fun! ;^)

  5. Lucky you! I would love a chance to visit both of these quilt shops! So very sweet of your DH to take you. I have been eyeing Sue Garman's Good Golly pattern, small hst instead of squares. I think I may be joining your sal, love that quilt.

  6. I have not had the opportunity to be in either shop. This one looks like it has plenty to select from and lots of samples.

  7. I lived in San Diego in my "pre" quilting days (1969-1973). Lived in Chula Vista (south of San Diego) but spent a lot of time in Balboa Park, Old Mission and out at Point Loma. It's a WONDERFUL town!! Glad you were able to visit. LOVE the projects you picked out. 4th picture you posted ... gray (?) quilt on the left hand side ~ lots of squares ... gave me shivers. LOVE!! Linda

  8. I'd love to go to Rosies! Their website is very impressive.

  9. Holy smokes, I am so jealous! That shop would have made me hyperventilate for sure. Thank you so much for sharing the photos. I will definitely put this on my list of 'must do's' if I ever find myself in that area.

  10. I think I would just die if I went into a Primitive Gatherings shop! What to buy? What not to buy? Over stimulation for sure!! Your quilt along looks interesting. Maybe a small quilt could be squeezed in?