Thursday, August 24, 2017

Triangle Gatherings progress..up to date until today! UGH

I sewed on Tuesday when my friend Claire came over and I caught up (at least until today when they posted two new ones!) on my Triangle Gatherings.  I had fun with the fabrics!  This one has ducks and hens! and chicks!

This one has dancing girls!

Cherries, pears and hens!


Travel-related items!!

Just flowers... nothing special

Mice, going every which way!

I also made this week's Marvelous Mini Monday:

I want to show you what my friend Claire was working on.  She knitted together strings of all widths and lengths and then sewed them together into blocks.  She sewed the blocks together to make a little throw-rug.  On Tuesday she was sewing a "backing" of an old towel to give it some stability.  Very cute. I think it's extremely clever, too!   That's Claire!  I think she's going to put it in front of her kitchen sink in her cabin in Washington.

Last, but not least, I have to share a picture of Emma, who just turned 5, visiting with her cousin Eli, who is 9 months old. She just loves him.  He's not so sure about her, though.

As my husband says, the chaos returns tomorrow, for the weekend!  We will have my daughter's 3 kids (little Eli is in Germany for a couple of weeks).


  1. Good job catching up on the triangle blocks! I especially love the little mice fabric. :)
    I did that mini block just today--had to do it over again. Had no contrast in my fabrics. Why didn't I catch that sooner?!?
    Clever rug creation.
    The expressions in the last photo speak volumes!

  2. You've done a fantastic job keeping up with all the business of life and those sweet grandkiddos.

  3. It is amazing to me how many different blocks you can get with a simple half square triangle. These are beautiful! Have fun with the munchkins this weekend!

  4. Oh your blocks are so sweet....we'll keep up and have wonderful quilts :0)
    Can Emma be 5 already??? Where does time go? Lily turned 9 this month.
    Happy Sewing!

  5. You are always so busy getting things done. I have a question I seem to remember that you had gone on a quilt shop tour near la and blogged about if so can you tell me the date so I can reread it. I'm traveling there next month and have a limited amount of free time so was wanting to make the best choices of shops to visit. Thanks for any help.

  6. I like the lady with the swirly skirt fabric in block 57.

  7. Nice blocks! You're way ahead of me! I printed the setting of Marvelous Mimi Monday blocks and I'm looking forward to finishing that. Only problem is that I'll miss it !