Monday, June 18, 2018

Need wool?

I'm finding that working on my little Primitive Gatherings blocks is requiring a better variety of greens and brown wools than I have in my stash so I went online (gasp!!!) to shop around.

Didn't have a lot of luck...

So, if you have ever bought wool online and were happy with the results, would you mind sharing the names/sites of where you shopped?? Please email to me: (blogger is STILL not sending comments!)



  1. Good luck in your search. I can't help you as being in Canada and having it shipped to the states will cost you more than the package itself. Hope you will show us your woolly project soon. ;^)

  2. Thanks. I'm going to show it once I have it put together...

  3. Blackberry Primitives online has nice wool but not a huge variety.

  4. I buy wool from The Wool Studio, Heaven to Betsy, Primitive Gatherings, and various quilt shops. Also check etsy as they have lots of wool vendors.

  5. Oh Randy! My favorite place for wool is the Dorr Mill Store in Newport, NH and I surely wish we had gone there when you were here. We will have to make a pilgrimage next time you come out! They do have a website but I like pawing through their sale pieces at the store!

    1. Now that's a great excuse for me to plan my next visit. I was thinking I'm ready!! Thinking lobster at the Point....

  6. quiltingacres etsy or pioneer quilts in Portland