Thursday, July 1, 2021

July is here! I guess that's a good thing??

 It is hard to believe that 2021 is half over.  I feel like 2020 was a blip that we just skipped over. Life is getting back to normal but I am not sure that normal will ever feel normal.  Know what I mean?

 I am happy to report that my June mini is completed on time.  Miracles do happen!  This little quilt was made using orphan blocks from a project I started but only got as far as six blocks.  So they got repurposed!

Other sewing that I've been doing is part of the Moda weekly sew along.
Keeping up with weekly sew along seems to be harder and harder. I did start the it earlier this month and finished the first week’s blocks. They are asking for 10 blocks a week. The good thing is they’re small-6”. The bad thing is they’re small!  Tiny pieces but I'm enjoying the process.  it's a bit much to keep up but I'm trying!  There is a tiny mistake in the top block which I corrected.  These are the first week's blocks.  I"m half way done with the second week and the third week's blocks were just posted.  Behind again!!  The sew along is from a book called Sampler Spree, and I'm enjoying the small variations in simple blocks.  

The weather here in Central Oregon has been beastly hot.  I feel like the earth is on fire.  In an effort to try to beat the heat, I went kayaking twice this week.  The lakes are a bit higher in elevation and the area was a bit cooler.  There was even a breeze!

That's actually me, taken by a friend.  We were at East Lake in the Newbury Volcanic region.   This lake is literally in a crater from an old old volcano.  I think the rock formations are so interesting and it's hard to believe that it's all from thousands of years ago!  For scale, you can see a boat in the bottom as well as a kayaker.

We were hoping for a break in the heat and last night there was thunder and a tiny bit of rain.  I thought the clouds looked so cool.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.  Stay safe and healthy!


  1. what a beautiful spot to go kayaking.........its been on the news here the heat in USA/Can........the bottom photo looks dramatic.......
    Was it you that was interested in the next zoom sewing day I do?

  2. Yes getting back to normal..I don't think so--not like it used to be anyway...
    Hot hot hot here for this past least we are going to get rain and cooler temps over this weekend.
    Those really are small blocks--so pretty...
    Hope your weekend is a good one hugs, Julierose

  3. Love your mini. Great way to use the blocks from an unfinished project. Moda's sampler blocks are so cute. Too bad I don't have the time to sew along. Wonderful pictures of nature. Enjoy! ;^)

  4. Your mini is so nice and a great way to use orphan blocks. What a beautiful lake. I hope your temps lower soon. The high temps in the U.S. have even made the news in Japan.

  5. Cute mini! I find that with sewalongs, I can't keep up with them because the sewalong is all I have the time for? And with so many quilt kits, fabric and patterns in stash.... the last thing I need is a distraction! lol! The Sampler Spree does look like fun though... I've seen so many colorways! So happy to be getting back to a certain level of normal. It's so strange that what was originally supposed to be a month of shelter in place.... turned into nearly a year of shutdowns... let's pray this never happens again...

  6. Your mini is so cute! I love the blocks and fabrics. We missed the heat in Oregon because we were enjoying (?) the heat in Florida. Actually the temps were lower here than at home, but the humidity is awful here. Can't wait to get home and hope it doesn't get super hot any more this summer.

  7. A mini is a perfect way to repurpose some of those orphan blocks. The border fabric ties the colors together. It looks like you had a cool time out on the water.

  8. Very clever use of the orphan blocks to have your mini done on time. As you know, mine was not even close.
    Keeping up with SALs is getting overwhelming this year. Looks like you are making wonderful little blocks--10 a week??? Yikes! I'd never make it.
    Kayaking looks so fun, and the fact that it is a bit cooler there is a bonus.
    Love the look of the storm clouds!
    It was fun to see you on Chooky's Zoom today!

  9. Was wonderful to meet you at Chookys zoom Saturday. Your blocks are great that is a lot to make each week! Great to go kayaking, hopefully it was cooler for you near the water. That sky photo is stunning.

  10. oooh, that is a weird spam before my comment.
    Your June UFO block mini is just great. They look perfect all together.
    The Moda blocks look fun and challenging too. Great color choices.
    Wow that is such incredible scenery while kayaking. So beautiful!