Sunday, July 11, 2021

Quilt Show in Sisters!!

 Yesterday was the annual Sisters Quilt Show and I didn't want to miss it.  This picture is the quintessential picture from the show.  This is the actual Stitchin Post quilt store's outside wall and they usually post employees' quilts from a challenge they run.  This year, I didn't see anything about the challenge but the quilts were on that wall.  So great to see it again!  They use fire trucks to hang the quilts!

This is another picture from the show, where quilts are hung over the railings.  It's so western looking- don't you expect to see horses tied up?? VBG

You can't tell from the distance but all those quilts were versions of Jen Kingwell's Long Time Gone.  It was great seeing the variations, based on different fabrics.

There were a few quilts that really caught my eye!

I think there was a description saying that the quilter's son was a chemist so it's a variation on the periodic table!~. I loved her use of that new Tula Pink fabric, which I bought when I was in Virginia.

Check this one out using that same fabric!

We spent a fair amount of time at the exhibit for the featured quilter, Carol Dixon.  This was one of my favorites.  I think this is the year of the bird!  The pattern is by Barbara Persing and I think I'll look to buy it.  What fun it could be!~

this was another of my favorites!  So clever!

I also was intrigued by this quilt, which was quilted by my friend Sandy Lachowski, with whom I went to the show.  This was one of a group of quilts done by a small quilt group that's done similarly to a round robin, but they pass the blocks around for a year, each quilter adding blocks but not sewing them together.  That's the quilter's decision!  I don't think you can make out the fabulous quilting but I loved the colors.

Are you getting the impression the show was primarily modern quilts?? YUP.  I'd say it was.  There were lots of Lori Holt quilts, which were fun to look at.

Each year, there is an exhibit of the Cherrywood challenge (indoors!!) which travels throughout the country.  This year's exhibit was based on interpretations of Bob Ross, who is someone I was not familiar with.   I loved so many of these little quilts!

I loved this one's message!  So many of the quilts utilized amazing threadwork, which I found so impressive.

There were also several Sarah Fielke quilts that caught my eye!

More birds!!

I'm almost done with last week's Sampler Spree aqua blocks so I'll post those tomorrow.  We are heading back to California on Tuesday.  Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful quilts from the show! I especially like the Sarah Fielke quilts - have been tempted to do one of her patterns some day. I saw the Bob Ross quilts at a show a couple years ago. They were great and it was nice to see some of them again. It's SO GOOD to be able to go to a show again! One of these years I might get to this show; thanks again!!

  2. yay for seeing the quilt show~ I'm so happy you got to go in person and look at the great quilts.
    The Sarah Fielke quilts are great and I also loved the Bob Ross. Can't believe you didn't know who he was but then again, I watched a lot of TV as a kid. ha ha especially zoom on PBS
    Safe travels!

  3. Thank you Randy for sharing all these wonderful quilt pictures with us. I look forward to visiting Sisters with you every year. I love to see the main building with all the quilts. I guess this year the word of the day was Log Cabin. That's a very odd coincidence as I was reading about Bob Ross just this past weekend, how his partners became money hungry and mean after his passing. I so loved his TV show and I've learned a lot from this guy (mainly English, haha)
    I love the last picture. Wow! Now I want a yellow quilt, lol. Take care. ;^)

  4. Oh what fun! I really do want to go one year! I adore the Bob Ross quilts. I rarely liked his paintings but I loved to watch him paint them. He was such a gently soul. I miss his broadcasts on public TV.

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  6. Love that you shared parts of the quilt show with us!

  7. wow what a great display and it would be lovely to see them outdoors hanging in the breeze.......lots of variety........