Monday, October 17, 2011

And the winner is....

Thanks to everyone who guessed.  The first person to guess correctly was Linda Collins!  I have a special treat for Linda for being the first person to guess correctly. You were all great guessers. I loved coming up with the clues. Made for some fun times. Our trip was awesome. We love Paris. What's not to love?

When Bonnie and I went to Paris a couple of years ago, we met two wonderful quilters, Will and Valerie.  Each time I go, I try to meet up with them. I was able to see both of them this time again.  I was also able to see Will's husband as well. Will does the most beautiful, amazing quilts! Each time I see her, she invites me to her fabulous apartment in Montmartre and I am treated to a quilt show of her just gorgeous, inspiring work. Here is Will showing off her basket quilt. It's completely hand-pieced! And she used a rick-rack for the handles! I have many others to show you later this week.
In the background on the wall, you will notice a beautiful painting. Will's husband Soyland (sp?) is a fabulous artist who has an easel set up in the central part of Montmartre, where all the artists are. I remembered this time to get a picture of them together in front of his work. Montmartre is known as an artist's area. It's literally a mountain in Paris, with a most gorgeous church, Sacre Coeur, at the top. I was there on an absolutely sparkling day, as you can see.
Getting up to Montmartre involves walking some fairly steep tiny roadways up to the top. Here is a little staircase leading down, which is very typical of the area.

That's it for today's travelogue! I will post more photos, especially of Will's quilts, in the next couple of days. I"m trying to play catch-up, as well as beat the jet lag. It is 6,000 to Paris from San Francisco and takes a good 24 hrs travel time. That's not me complaining, mind you! Just sayin'

Have a great Monday!


  1. Great pictures of Paris and the tiny baskets are to die for. Can't wait to hear more about your trip...I haven't been out of the country in years and I'm living vicariously through you ;)

  2. My trips out of the country are just crossing the Northern border to Canada now and then. Thanks for letting us tag along via your camera. I look forward to more!

  3. The basket quilt is just so beautiful, what a great idea to use rick rack for the handles!
    thanks for sharing your pictures, going to Paris would be wonderful...a dream someday

  4. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing Paris. My hubby will not fly, so we are stuck in the midwest, LOL

  5. Great pics of Will! I miss her smiling face! And the quilts she does are SO her!

  6. Hi Randy,Still that bright sun here,but a little chilly.;... Was good to see you and i look forward to a meeting in spring. Love from me and Stojan