Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wisconsin quilts

I promised I'd share pictures from some of the things being worked on at our retreat. This is just a small sample.  This was a very talented group of women, very serious about their projects but OH SO MUCH FUN.

First is my friend DarLynn's pinwheels, which she made out of Bonnie's bonus triangles. DarLynn does just beautiful work. I think I've showed you some of her other quilts from when I visited her in August.
Bonnie is a relatively new quilter (you'd NEVER know by looking at her work). Here are her baskets which have hand-sewn handles!! Bonnie is a crack-up...she went with us to sample the Spotted Cow at the brewery. Quite the trooper.

Pat and DarLynn organized a fabric swap last year commemorating 9-11 with a quilt from Edyta Sytar.  I participated but didn't do more than a few blocks.  Debbie, who is quite the quilter, had hers all together ready for binding:

I didn't take pictures of everyone's quilts, unfortunately. I will show you what I finally decided to work on. It is a Lori Smith pattern and I had great fun doing it. I will need to add the borders but it's just my kind of scrappy quilt!!

There's more to tell about....stay tuned.


  1. Wowie zowie! What a lot of awesomeness!

  2. They are all gorgeous quilts! No one would be able to pick out the "beginner" quilt.
    I love your Lori Smith quilt. I have actually been working on a Lori Smith "Fit to Frame" pattern today. I am winging the border because when I got one side made it was too long. My measurements seem correct, so I don't know what happened. Hope your border goes together better than mine did!

  3. OMG! Did you sleep at all? Fantastic quilts every one of them.