Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eye candy...

Remember I was telling you about the wind storms we had this week, knocking out power (*UGH* no sewing**) and sending pine needles in piles all over my yard? We went out today to start to clean up the mess and I found this: a small patio table with its glass top lifted off the table and deposited in the planter adjacent to it...NO , it didn't break. But that sounds like tornado-type behavior...  DH and DS were outside fixing the kitty's little lean-to and the dogs' kennel, both of which were blown off!

The power is back on and I'm starting to sew, at last. I am a little behind on the mystery but did start the quarter-square triangles. I'm doing mine in green (my strings are yellow)...never the one to do what everyone else is doing, I had to try different colors.  It's going to be fun and I've enjoying getting reacquainted with the companion angle for these puppies. See next picture for samples.

My dear friend DarLynn is a great fabric shopper, I'll tell ya. She was going to our friend Pat's shop in Janesville and I persuaded her to pick up a **few** fqs for me, since there was a sale. Well, that's not possible... "seriously?" DarLynn asked?? A few?? --heehee-- anyway, here are the adorable fqs she picked and I just LOVE the colors. Those reds are gorgeous. And, of course, I "needed" this fabric for sure!!! The colors didn't come out very well, but OH MAN... I'm chomping at the bit to cut into these guys. I did already cut a couple of strips of green for my mystery pieces.

Hope everyone is having a glorious weekend. Now that the wind has stopped, we are enjoying beautiful 60* weather. Gotta love California.  What's everyone working on?? I want to hear so I can get some ideas for my new fqs!!


  1. Glad to hear you have power back! Amazing that the glass table top didn't break...

  2. Gorgeous FQers!! 60 degrees?! it's sunny, but very cold here.

  3. I can't believe that table top didn't break! What luck! And I'm loving those fq's....those reds are so deep! Love it! I trying to catch up on the mystery, too! Have chosen only white (no cream or beige) with the black, and greys and the reds. Have always wanted to do a quilt in those colors, and this just seemed to fit the bill!

  4. That is a sturdy table top. My daughter's friend had to go pick up her school age children when they canceled school due to the winds in Utah. She left her preschoolers locked in the car while she ran in to get the older two--she was afraid the preschoolers would blow away, the winds were so bad. When she came back out to the car the windows were all blown out--broken glass everywhere. Luckily it was safety glass. It was a wild ride home.
    You have a great personal fabric shopper--gorgeous fabrics!

  5. Hey Randy,

    My colors are also yellow for the (first) set of strings and greens for the and creams for the 1/4 and 1/2 squares!. My other color instead of Bonnie's reds will be burgundy. Can't wait to get a clue with them in it. This is my first mystery and I am already behind, but I am just going to make 1/2 (or so) and do some of each step so I won't get too discouraged.