Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sow-A-Long, starting tomorrow


I mentioned a while ago that my friend Lori (of Humble Quilts) and I were planning a small sow-a-long.  Well, it's ready to start!

Starting tomorrow!! There will be FOUR parts;  Lori is doing the first part; I'm doing the next two; she's doing the last part.  We figured two weeks between parts.  It's not a mystery.  We will post pictures tomorrow of what it's going to look like!

It consists of two parts applique (guess who's doing that??? VBG) and two parts pieced.  It's a small wallhanging.

What's interesting is that we did them in completely different colors!
Lori's is normal, beautiful and soft.  Mine, on the other hand, is weird, loud and obnoxious!!! Kind of like me, I guess. Just kidding.

So, tune in tomorrow!!! We're posting our pictures tomorrow.  She will post instructions for her center appliqué.  I will also post a method for part of hers that's different than how Lori does hers.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed designing it!

Love to you all,


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun...can't wait to see it tomorrow..hugs, Julierose

  2. look at you girlfriend, being all quilty! anxious to see the quilt! ... olive you....

  3. look at you girlfriend, being all quilty! anxious to see the quilt! ... olive you....

  4. I've been AWOL lately from some lovely quilt-along projects. Timing just didn't work out for me. Maybe I can do better with this intriguing project from two of my favorite bloggers. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  5. Oh boy sounds like the picture of you and DH with those sweet grandbabies. And your hair is growing back and looks fabulous!

    Happy Sewing

  6. Can you hear me groaning? I told myself very sternly, recently, no more SALs right now!! Then you two start dropping hints about a collaboration and I start getting cold sweats. Oh my goodness, what will I do? : )

  7. Looking forward to seeing yours completed!!