Friday, April 5, 2013

The floors are amazing

My husband and I had the good fortune to visit London this past week. By far, my favorite site has been the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is filled to the brim with everything you could imagine of tremendous interest.

When we were going through it, I couldn't help but notice the floors in a couple of the rooms. Quilt patterns!!!

They also had some wonderful tapestries.  I thought this one looked just like the William Morris pattern I've seen. I'm sorry it's so dark but I don't think they wanted flash used and the room was quite dark to preserve these beauties.  I personally love looking at tapestries and marvel at the degree of detail in each of them.  I couldn't imagine having to make the wool, dye it, and then weave it, covering every little piece of canvas.  They were beautiful.

I have figured out that I can email pictures from my phone to myself and upload them to my blog. Having wifi in the flat we are renting makes a big difference.  I will post some more photos before we leave tomorrow.

Love to you all from very chilly London,


  1. Soooo lucky!! Would love to visit London again (next year it's on the list). The tesselated tiles are fabulous - I remember being enchanted by the mosaic floors in Italian churches years ago (I was 21 - okay it was many years ago) well before I was addicted to quilting.

  2. Would love to visit London for the first time! : )
    What fun floors. You could collect floor tile patterns and do a SAL called "Underfoot".

  3. Thanks so much for sharing London!!! Sigh! I had quite the family graduation trip planned for us this summer to go cruising from London up through Ireland and Scotland....but we have to move to Florida (from Illinois) and dear hubby said "too much for one summer." I'm hoping next summer! So thanks for sharing. Maybe I'll figure out a way to get a week in London before the cruise since I'm having to wait a year to go! LOL. I'm putting the Victoria and Albert museum on the "to see" list for SURE!

  4. I love London and I was there last year, I love going to the theater and just walk around.

  5. Beautiful and amazing tapestries!!

  6. oh wow, isn't it great to find inspiration in many different places.
    Love those floors!

  7. Love the pictures of the Floors, I get inspiration from Tiles often too. Lucky you to be in London, England= land of my Grandmother's Birth...a place on my BUCKET list!

  8. Awesome quilty floor tiles. But the tapestry, wow. They are just so beautiful and the detail is mesmorizing.(sp?)
    Thanks for sharing.