Sunday, January 5, 2014

And the winners are...

I had fun choosing winners for the UFO list giveaway.

Here you go:

Can you email me with your snail mail address, please?


45th Parallel Quilter (finished a 12 yr old quilt)

Karen in Breeze Point (finished 11.5 ufos)

Teri (finished 23 ufos; has 30 for 2014!)

Susan has a Pile of Shame

Edie is the Queen of UFOs

Thanks everyone for participating.

Anyone doing the Just Takes 2 Benjamin Biggs quilt?
Some of my friends are doing it so I am going to try…add that to MY ufo list!



  1. Yes, yes, I'm doing the Benjamin Biggs quilt-along. I hope it doesn't turn into a UFO as it is such a wonderful project. I had to order fabric for it so until it arrives, I can't even start :(

  2. Hadn't heard of the quilt along, so I took a peek. That would go into the UFO pile for sure. It is sure pretty, but I am trying to be more realistic with what I can accomplish.

  3. I love the Benjamin Biggs quilt...but I think it would not get done in my remaining years of life...and I really am not that old!!!!! I will watch you guys and love what you are doing!!

  4. you know ben biggs and i are going to become very good friends over the next 2 yrs!

  5. Thanks so much Randy! So far I've made a file on my desktop to save the Benjamin Biggs files. I have a few UFO's that I really want to call done before I dare to start something new. I have been know to be very weak when it comes to resisting a sew along though.........

  6. There are so many BOMs starting now and I am totally a BOM fan. I am trying to evaluate what I can really do and what I can't keep up with, I really do not want to create more UFOs.