Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sew-A-Long, in 3 days

Just a teaser:

I am starting the sew-a-long to make the bullseye quilt on Friday.

Quick information:

you can use ANY kind of cotton fabrics.  You do not have to use flannel or homespuns.

If you want to get started, start pulling background fabrics. By that I mean anything NOT dark.  Mediums will be okay. They should NOT match.  The more difference the better!!

Cut them to 9-1/2" squares.

I know someone will ask how much fabric you will need.
It really depends on how large you want to make it and how many blocks you want.  The blocks will finish at approx. 8".
I made mine 8x9 blocks-- so that would've required 72 of those 9-1/2" squares.

Just think how many scraps or unwanted fabric you can get rid of!!

First installment will be Friday!!

Can't wait!!!


  1. OK! I'll start digging in my closet for fabrics and look for uglies! Actually, I don't have many uglies, but this sounds like fun!! I must be nuts for starting my 3rd quilt this month!

  2. Oh, you tease, you.
    I will be watching the progress from the sidelines this time around. Just can't do everything I would like to do. : (

  3. I will be following, just can't start anything new right now.

  4. Must gofind my bin that has the circles that I did cut already. I will look them over again and see how I feel now. I will toss the ones I do not like. Then I will be ready to at least get started.

  5. Oh oh--I promised myself I would not do any sew-alongs until I finish all of last years, but my Christmas bullseye is one of my favorite quilts and I've always wanted to make one for everyday.....