Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lots more done

I didn't bring a lot of projects with me this week and I was feeling really good about finishing the Quiltmania quilt.
I did bring a very old bag of half square triangles I must've gotten at a flea market Atleast 10 years ago. There's Bonnie, sewing away like a madwoman, as always, right opposite me at the table!

 So I just put the blocks together randomly and decided it'll be great for Max in the car! Second project finished!

Another project I brought was a churn dash red/blue Jo Morton swap  from years ago that needed a binding!! Tada!!!

Here's another picture--Bonnie is great at settings for great photography!!

She also thought it'd be fun to see my twisted corners on the back of the X's and O's quilt!! I twisted every intersection that I could!

Oh and here's Max, wanting some attention while I was sewing!! What a sweet doggie!

More updates tomorrow! So sad it'll be Sunday and our week is coming to a close. It's just been fabulous! We met Lori last night and I got a picture of two of my very dearest friends!!


  1. You have certainly gotten a lot done this week! So glad Max will have his own quilt, you can have your X's and O's quilt back! That is a lot of seams to twist.

  2. I love each of the projects you have finished. I need a week like that to just focus on sewing. I am getting so little sewing done lately.
    You have me so wanting to start something new! Love the traditional blocks you have used in these projects. Way to go, Randy!

  3. Great pictures! What a fun getaway with your dear friends......does it get any better than that?
    Nice projects go girl!

    Happy Sewing

  4. You had a special special time with some very special friends.

  5. Very beautiful quilts completed. Congratulations!
    So much more fun to sew in the company of good friends! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  6. I've been hopping in now and then to see your progress. So much done! and those seams and blocks come together more smoothly in the company of friends. What would we do without their encouragement and hints and companionship when sewing together? They're priceless.

  7. Love the two new finishes! And the back of that little pieces thingy is amazing! Max looks like a puppy! Love his summer clip! cheers, cw

  8. I am glad you showed the Back of your 4-patches . You had a great Week. Thanks for sharing it with us vicariously. Nice finishes and Picture of Happy Lori and Bonnie!!

  9. So happy you all had time to spend together ... I treasure the time I spend with my quilty friends ... it's precious indeed ... and even productive sometimes ... LOL Linda

  10. Glad to see you're getting lots done. Max is looking great! Love that Jo Morton Churn Dash. I think I need the pattern. Bring it with if you have it yet.