Wednesday, January 7, 2015

25-patch quilt and new toy

I'm home watching the 2 youngest grandkids this week so it's nana-heaven. I did manage to take a picture of the finished 25 patch quilt on my bed (taken just before little Jack peed while I was changing his diaper on my bed!! Vbg).
I counted 8x9 blocks with 2" fin sashing all borders

I think I told you that I gave it to our son since it is kind of masculine. He and his fiancĂ©e come over most weekends and leave it on his bed. As soon as they leave, I put it onto my bed. That's when I figured I need to make one for myself. I'm delighted to hear that some others are doing this quilt too! Please feel free to share the instructions I  wrote with your friends!!

It goes together super fast!!

Recently I decided I wanted a black 301 so I put out a message on the sewitsforsale website and was lucky enough to find one! My local sewing machine doctor fixed her up and she sews like a dream! My friend Claire loved using my tan one last summer so she volunteered to buy that one from me!! Whew!!

She's a beaut!!

More tomorrow after I have to return the two little darlings... :-(

We are having very unusual warm weather so the park was perfect yesterday!
And Emma loves to picnic on our deck:
Jack wants to walk in the worst way!

Can't forget Ryan


  1. Oh darling pix of the children! Nice 25 patch; looks very cozy--tomorrow here it is supposed to be 0 to -10 actual temp and with wind chills to -20+ below--Brrrr Im so glad we have extra quilts to bundle up with.....hugs, Julierose

  2. I love that quilt, it is gorgeous! Once I finish current projects, I may have to make one myself! Your little grands are soooo adorable, have fun!

  3. Oh, so warm and cozy looking, Randy! I have used 25 patch blocks in a quilt with other blocks, but have never made one strictly of 25 patches. I really love it!
    Great looking new machine. So you didn't feel the need to keep both 301s? Not a collector, huh? : )
    I'm not either. The other machine I would love to own someday is a hand crank for sewing on sunny days when the power is out (it happens). I'd love a treadle but don't feel like I have room for one, so a hand crank would suffice if I could find one.
    We are into the warm weather, too. Feels strangely like Spring. Enjoy the Grands and the sun!

  4. Love your 25-patch quilt. No need for borders. It looks simple, cozy, traditional, one to be loved till its threadbare and worn out. I may have to make one. It would be a great leaders-and-enders project.
    Six months ago I bought my first 301, also a black one, and haven't put many miles on it yet. A sewing weekend in three days with friends may be the time to take her along with me. That was my intention when I bought her, enjoy her portability and reliability.
    I'm envious of your time with your grandbabies, and seeing them in light clothes and sunshine, that doubles my envy. Super cold here in northern Iowa. Teens below zero last night and tonight, with wind chills in the -30 to -40 range. There's nothing good to say about this weather, except every day we're one day closer to spring.

  5. Your 25 patch is a great MAN quilt! I am still in the market for a 301. Enjoy the Nana Time!

  6. The quilt is really great and I love the sashing! So fun to see photos of the kids. They are growing so fast.

  7. Love the quilt.. I might have to start yet another project!
    Your grands are growing up too fast. :) Looks like little Jack will soon be chasing his brother and sister.

  8. Your quilt is beautiful! I love that your grandson christened it for you! LOL

  9. I love this quilt ! So classic. It is definitely on my do to list! Looks like the grandkids are having a blast at Grandma's! I envy you your beautiful weather.

  10. Would you mind giving me the name and number of your machine guy? I have a 301 that my guy said could not be fixed. Thanks

  11. Oh my...didn't see this post !!! Your quilt is really beautiful !! And the Singer !! Wow ! I' ve got a 221 but not a sewing machine like this...... I understand you luuuuuuuv it !!