Sunday, January 25, 2015


Bonnie and I met up yesterday at the car rental place at Charlotte. We did a little running around and then picked up Lori after she flew in. After dinner on the road, we finally got to Bonnie's quilt villa! What a fabulous cabin in an amazing location. 
We sewed for part of the day and hiked in the afternoon. It was just the perfect day. 

This is my project: the 25 patch quilt
I have 25 done - lots more to do!

We are having such fun being together again! More to come!!


  1. Thanks for checking in. You know how much we are wishing we were there...enjoy!

  2. I am officially jealous! Have a great time, hi to all and have FUN!

  3. Looks like an ideal retreat, Randy! Look forward to more of your adventures. : )

  4. I'm impatient to discover the others adventures !!
    Lucky women........ ;)

  5. Retreats are awesome--you have a great start to your quilt

  6. How good to see you all ! Magig quilting times! We have to deal with dull weather and i'm quilting all alone and listen to the radio. No internet for the weekend, ggrrrrr! Thank you for cheering me up and have a nice time!!!

  7. have fun sewing. Love the flag outside. :)