Monday, January 26, 2015

Variety is essential

I am the type of quilter who gets bored sewing the exact same project until completion so I needed a break from the 25-patch quilt. Unfortunately I didn't bring much fabric with me nor many projects. 
So being with the scrap quilter Queen of the world, I didn't have to look far for ideas for something to break up the monotony. Not only that but Bonnie has a great assortment of scraps to play with, of course!
She had made this block recently  for Quiltmaker (July/August 2012 issue) and it was sitting on the design wall, tempting me!

So I  decided to make my own sample block:
I did bring a bunch of reds so I was able to throw together these darling 9-patch blocks which will finish at 3". 
However I didn't bring any golds so I hunted in Bonnie's scraps and found a yellow:

On point, sisters next to each other:

Block measures 8" finished; the yellow/blue unit finished at 2x3; 9 patches are 3"

This was the view this morning from the front porch:

Back to the 25-patches


  1. Oh cute blocks--nice save from boredom?? Huh--I like to sew the same block until it's finished...everyone has their own way, lol...hugs, Julierose

  2. Love the block. Isn't it grand to have buddies to quilt with and SHARE with. Have fun!

  3. I like that block. Will you keep making these and do a full quilt with them someday? : )
    What a lovely morning view!

  4. Like that block ... a lot!! Love your colors as well ;-) Hard to beat that view ... glad you are all enjoying yourselves! Linda

  5. What a fun block to take a break from making the 25 patches. Yes, BOnnie will never run out of any shade of Yellow, I believe. She loves her Cheddar.

  6. I love your 25 patches in progress. The blocks you made are so cute. I have to remember that block, would make a great QOV.

  7. love that block. delighted you had fun.

  8. love that block. delighted you had fun.