Thursday, December 3, 2015

My attempt at a long arm

My friend Claire just got a new APQS long arm named Lucey that she wanted to show me. So I went over there today with an old top to put on her machine!

It's huge!!  You need lots of room for this machine. 

Claire is very good at this since she's had a long arm for nearly 20 yrs. I am not so good at it. The thread is constantly breaking!! Her new machine has a stitch regulator which I really need!! My stitches are generally very irregular. 

I can't even remember when I made this top, which is really sad!! I do recognize the fabrics so that's good!!

Rudimentary quilting!!

I pieced the back and used orphan blocks. 

It's great to have this one done but you know what this means??  Another binding to get done!! Vbg

All the swap blocks went into the mail today so you should have them by Monday for sure. Thanks to all who joined in!!


  1. How fun to give it a test run!

  2. Wow! What a treat! It would be a whole new learning curve for me! I think you did a fabulous job!! Cute, cute quilt and LOVE the backing!!!

    I'll let you know when mine arrive!

    Thanks again!

    Blessed Holiday Season for you and all your loved ones!

  3. What a fun experience. I can't do anything with a longarm. I am too used to sitdown quilting. Nice four-patch setting.
    Bonnie would be proud of you for that backing, Randy! : )

  4. That's a great and a good experience !! If I had a friend who had a Longarm...I will often ring to her door for sure !!
    And your quilt is beautiful !!

  5. I would love the opportunity to give long arming a try! Good job. Nice machine!

  6. Good for you! I've never tried a longarm. My friends keep bugging me to try, but I'm afraid I am hopeless. I love this quilt and I really love the backing. It's hard to use pieced backings when hand quilting so maybe I will give this longarm thing a try. Thanks for sharing.

  7. It is definitely good to get a top quilted and a good experience with a long arm. Quilting on a long arm is so different from on a regular sewing machine. I got to do it once and I was tired from standing up so long! The actual quilting was sure easier, though, except the thread kept breaking for me too and that was a pain. I will never get one for a number of reasons, one being I don't have room! Price is another reason!

  8. The fabric used in the setting squares is from Jo Morton !!!!

  9. What a fun day! Your quilt looks great - you will have that binding on in no time!

  10. It looks Great Randy, you will be a master in no time!!It was lots of fun! Have fun in Paris! cheers, cw