Friday, December 18, 2015

Tapestries to enjoy

When we were in France recently, we went to a very old building that was a hospital in the early 1900s. They had on display the most beautiful tapestries, which I always love seeing. 

The colors in these were just beautiful, considering that they are hundreds of years old. 

Then of course were the floors!
This is a cobblestone road. Love the pattern 

This is an old wine press on a spectacular tiled floor. 

We did a tour of some wine caves and were shown this old wall dating back to the 1200s!
Can you see the herringbone pattern?

Here are some of the buildings we saw, from the 1200s as well. Amazing they are intact. 

Typical street in Beaune. 

I'll post pictures of some often holiday Windows that I just  love seeing!


  1. Wonderful Randy. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed this post a lot. Some great pictures and amazing buildings.

  2. Things in Europe were built to last....such beautiful things to enjoy everywhere you look! Such inspiration! Safe travels

  3. The tile floors are really fantastic! The pieces look tiny!

  4. Beautiful tapestries and preservations Wish someone would tell citizens of the US preserving their story is a good thing instead of tearing down and building back

  5. Dijon has an enormous historical heritage like lots of towns in France !
    Thank you for sharing Randy !

  6. I have always marveled at the architecture of Europe ... it lasts for hundreds of years and we rebuild roads every other year ... LOL Linda

  7. Wow, what amazing architecture and displays.

  8. Fabulous photos. Thank you for sharing.