Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Catching up using my "collection" and GIVEAWAY

I think I struck a nerve yesterday with that page from the book about hoarders.  Collection or Stockpile~!!!  No one seemed to feel bad about stockpiling.  I personally do NOT; the woman who wrote the book obviously never met a quilter!! ;-))  
thanks to everyone for your sweet comments.

My dh went back to work this week (WOOHOO) so I got my house back and my sewing mojo!!! YEEHAW!!

First on my list is to catch up on the Triangle Gatherings!  I really fell behind!

The colors didn't come out great.  It's definitely purple and green~~  See the little birdies??!!

I was very lucky this Mother's Day.  All 3 of my kids came together along with their kids;  we also had my mom (who is 89 and still very much independent!  Hopefully I have inherited her genes!).

This is the entire family!  I am so blessed~~

Now for the giveaway-- need to reduce my stockpile/collection!  Do you have any use for "An Encyclopedia of Ribbon Embroidery Flowers?"  It has 121 designs.  I'll also include  some beautiful purple hand dyed silk ribbon.

Also, how about "A Celebration of Hearts?"  It's by Jean Wells and Marina Anderson, dated 1988! It's a collector's edition!!

Please give me an idea of which book you'd like to win.  I'd like to pick a winner on Friday!

What's next up for sewing?  I'm going to sew the binding on  my Sentimental Stitches quilt from last year!  YEAH!~!


  1. You did a great job on the catch-up blocks. Your fabrics are making such happy designs!
    Love the family photo. Such a good looking group! That is really great that you could all get together.
    I don't need either book. I have enough of my own that I am not using. : )

  2. how good to have such a big gfamily gathering it must have been such a fun day. Triangle blocks looking so good are they from a book?

  3. Love your blog..........and I'd love the Hearts book!!!

  4. WOW! A family photo with all of you! I love it!

  5. What a great family photo! So happy to hear you had a wonderful day. Love the triangle "catch up" blocks. Amazing how many ways you can set simple triangles! And please do not enter me into the giveaway. My hoard is too big already!

  6. What a beautiful picture of your family Randy.... I'm pretty sure you've had a wonderful Mothers' day !

  7. Beautiful family ... you are truly blessed. I'd like my name in the hat for the Celebration of Hearts book ... thanks! Linda

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I'm one of those people who don't comment much but read every post and really enjoy them. You are so lucky to have the all your kids, grands and mother together on Mother's Day. I hope you all had lots of fun. I also hope you received your mother's genes as she looks like she's not going to stop being full of get up and go for quite some time.

    Love your blocks and the fabric choices. I'm still behind and had hoped to catch up before the month is out. Of course I didn't realize that's it already half over so will have to really stop spending so much time working outside with the flowers and the veggies. I guess that's what all this warm weather is for.

    I would love to be entered into the drawing and would choose the embroidery book as I've started adding embroidery to my quilts and wall hangings. It looks like it could prove very helpful.

  9. Such interesting fabric in block #32.
    You are so right. The author of the book about hoarding obviously does not understand the concept of quilting and the need for a stash of fabric, quilting supplies, etc. I think a hoarder of fabric would be someone who purchases fabric, takes it home and never even takes it out of the bag. I have known two people who fit that category. The thrill was in the purchase. One never even took the bags out of her car and she was not married and hiding her purchases from a spouse.