Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mug Rug swap

Here is another idea for a mug rug, sent to me by Barbara.  Her's is a rectangle and she used a binding.  I think they are 4x8 or thereabouts.  Aren't they cute?  Please check out her blog:

I'll be sending out your assignments tomorrow.  We had a great response--something like 25 of you!  WOOHOO!

I will also post pictures tomorrow of the pillow cases I whipped up to send to Texas.  I'm also going to make a couple kennel quilts, thanks to Wendy Reed, who posted the info!  No grandkids this weekend so I hope to get some sewing done!

Have I mentioned that I am also reducing my "stash" in my house?  Remember I told you about the book I read months ago, "The Hoarder in You"??  Well, I'm still very motivated to get rid of stuff.  We've lived in our house 27 yrs and have accumulated a lot!  I've been filling bags and going to the Goodwill every day.  Today the back of my car was FILLED.  You'd never know, looking around the house, though!!! vbg  My standard is if I don't want to move it to another home, say, out it goes!


  1. Great response to the swap! I hope you get a lot of sewing done this weekend!!

  2. Gordon is at the Newport Boat Show this weekend and I plan to do a little "clean out" myself! Can't wait to do my little mug rug!

  3. Great way to use up a few batik scraps. Looking forward to the swap.

  4. My mom lived in her house for 60+ years and saved EVERYTHING (Depression child). We had FIVE huge garage sales over the summer before we moved her. Caught her several times sneaking stuff back into the house ... LOL. I may have her "hoarder" gene so I have to be vigilant!! Looking forward to the swap ... great response!! Linda

  5. Beautiful examples!! Off to check my email to find out who my swap partner will be. :o))

  6. Cute mug rugs! I am working on mine today. "Cleaning house", oh my... we recently spent a week doing just that. So much went to local thrift stores. We joke that we are former hoarders now "repented", lol :)