Sunday, February 25, 2018

Books for sale

I was looking through my books for a simple quilt pattern book for my grandson who has taken to sewing and I came across a group of books I know I'm never going to use.  So, following my friend Lori's lead, I'm going to sell them here.
I will mail them using media mail...those prices range from $2.63 - $4.10 max. If you buy more than one, I'll combine postage.

All these books are just about brand new, although some are old.

I have a PayPal account and can mail them out this week only.  We are going to Las Vegas to see Elton John on Friday for the weekend and then Hawaii with my son and his family.

So you have 5 days to claim them:

1.  Farmhouse Quilter's Companion by Cabbage Rose (1998)

$3.50 plus postage

2.  Wildflowers, Patchwork from the Meadow (Little Quilts, 1996)

$3.00 plus postage

3. Fields of Flowers, Kansas Troubles Quilters (1998)

$5.00 plus postage

4.  Fabulous Feedsack Quilts (1999)

$5.00 plus postage

5.  Favorite timeless Patterns for Today's quilter (1999)

$3.00 plus postage

6.  Farmhouse Quilts, Into The Woods by Liberty Homestead (2000)

$5.00 plus postage. SOLD

7.  Pennies from Heaven (Gretchen Gibbons  2010)

$15.00 plus postage SOLD

8.  Quilt in a Day Delectable Mountains Quilt (Eleanor Burns  2001)

$3.00 plus postage

9.  Borders, Bindings & Edges (Sally Collins 2004)

$3.50 plus postage

10.  Four Seasons in Flannel (Jean Wells/Lawry Thorn, 2002)

$3.00 plus postage

11.  No Sweat Flannel Quilts (Beth Garretson 2004)

$5.00 plus postage

12.  Czecherboard Quilts (Rose Ann Cook, 2012)

$3.50 plus postage

13.  Thimbleberries In Celebration of Quilting (2008 hardcover)

$3.00 plus postage

14.  Quilts, 1700-2010 Hidden Histories, Untold Stories (V&A Museum 2010)

$10.00 plus postage

Baskets are done and I'll post pictures tomorrow!  Just need to decide how to set them, since they are all different sizes!

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  1. You've hit my weakness this morning! Books! I can't resist them! If still available I'd like to buy number 6 the Liberty Homestead book.I have several of their books and love them!