Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Churn Dash blocks DONE

In a moment of weakness, I signed up to participate in Barb Vedder's swap involving what seemed like a small number of churn dash blocks.  I also decided to branch out and do modern ones rather than my usual reproduction fabrics.  It turned out I needed to make 54!  They were fun, and I did enjoy using these bright modern fabrics.  They were not quick, though. VBG

I did have a couple of times when I had to undo my sewing!  I did this while watching some olympic skating so I think I was distracted!

When I signed up, I had planned to use my stash of modern Kaffe Fassett fabrics;  when I saw the rules, I found that the brights needed to be solids, of which I did not have a single one! UGH.  Oh well. time to shop.  I found some gorgeous solid fabrics which I am hoping to find a use for soon!  Definitely do not want to add to my stash.

I had hoped to go with my friend Claire to Quilt-Con down in Palm Springs this week but it just wouldn't work with getting my mom settled.  Hopefully Claire will have a great time.

I did have a chance to meet up with Lori, before she jetted off on her mission to Columbia.  We had a fun lunch together last week.

We did have a bit of snow while we were in Sunriver this past week and it was just beautiful.  Of course I don't live in this weather full time and I didn't go out and shovel or use the snow blower so it's easy for me to say how beautiful it is!

My mom seems to be doing ok, although I haven't even left yet and I have to take her to the doctor tomorrow morning.  We are driving back to California tomorrow, as we have the darlings this weekend!

And I need to get back to my baskets!


  1. Very pretty blocks! I made the reproduction ones this time.

  2. Beautiful Churn Dash Randy. I am doing Repro and I have one made so far. Need to get my ** in gear. I love snow and I do live with it. Pictures never seem to give it justice though as I'm sure it was pretty than that in person. ;^)

  3. Any number over a dozen is a lot of blocks to me! They look great, Randy! I love the one you made while watching skating. Looks like something I could have done. I have been stitching wool applique while watching. I have had a lot of tangled threads. :)
    How fun to get to visit with Lori before she took off!
    The snow is gorgeous. I love snow--if I don't have to drive in too much of it. Myself and all four of my kids have been in accidents in snowy weather.
    I even enjoy shoveling snow, but it aggravates my shoulder, so I am not doing it this year.
    We got a foot of snow on Sunday. Very pretty!
    Safe travels to you on your drive home.

  4. I was surprised that you've done your swap blocks in modern but I admit they are soooo nice ! Great job my friend !
    Your country under the snow is beautiful ...
    Enjoy your WE with your grandchildren ! Hugs !

  5. Hang in there, kiddo--it is very difficult settling Moms' in; very traumatic. Good that you had a project to work on though--even despite your not having solid fabrics (I would have gladly forwarded some to you--mine have sat on the shelf looking quite forlorn as I've never used them!! Scrappy old me!!)

    I am not a fan of the snow except for the first snowfall when I say "Isn't it pretty?" then the reality of shoveling etc sets in...hugs and breathe and try to let go, kiddo...Julierose

  6. great blocks Randy - I know these weren't easy. If I do this again I may go back to an easier block.

  7. Woohoo! You made it! Your blocks are beautiful and I look forward to seeing what you do with them. Your snow is gorgeous, but then I am biased, I am going to be sorry to see ours go. Glad you had a nice visit with Lori. Happy stitching!

  8. Your blocks turned out very cute! I had a hard time resisting the swap--I know I'm going to regret it when all the fun finished projects start turning up!

  9. You Churn Dash blocks are so cute and happy looking in those bright colors! I love them. Glad to hear your mom is doing okay. Have a great weekend with the little ones!

  10. i missed this swap and like you had thought of using my kaffes....i use solids a lot...wanna swap for some kaffes? email me

  11. I'm in the modern swap too, and am tickled to know that there will be one from you in the pile!