Friday, February 2, 2018

Small projects are good for the soul

Thanks for so many comments and outpouring of support.  The handling of elderly parents is such a common problem that is rarely talked about in public, I think...

I did decide I wanted to do something last week so I whipped up a small bag using some adorable fabric I found in my stash... Bad Hair Day ( is my daily problem... curly, frizzy...) is a great fabric to play around with!

And for the lining I used some Quilt Diva fabric!

I use these types of bags for everything.  This one came in handy to carry around papers relating to my mom this week.  FYI: it's a pattern by Penny Sturges (Quilts Illustrated) called Charm Party Tote.  It's small, which is great. 11x14x4~  I didn't bother with pockets and used pre-made straps!

I'm going to make one for a friend's birthday using Hawaiian fabrics!

Hope you have a great weekend.  We have our grandkids over for the weekend, and we will enjoy some unusually warm weather.  I'm going to pick my mom up from the board and care home and bring her over so she can see the kids before she moves up to Bend.  My daughter told me that my mom called her today, becoming very emotional talking about Rachel's kids and how much my mom has enjoyed watching them grow up... Have to look on the positive side... my mom will see everyone up in Sunriver this summer!


  1. Love the "bad hair day" fabric!
    I have very curly, frizzy hair, too! One of life's challenges. :)

  2. Glad you have found a solution to where your mom will live. Too bad someone didn't have anything better to do than stick their nose where it didn't belong! Sewing something can be wonderful for relieving the stress caused by unfamiliar problems. Cute bag!

  3. I moved in with my parents in December to take care of my Dad until he passed away in January. It was extremely difficult and stressful. One thing I did was join a facebook group for people caring for the elderly. Just reading about people in way worse situations helped me calm down and be able to deal with things better.

  4. You are so lucky to have your Mom. So many of us have lost our Mom early in our life. Hugs.

  5. Yes, indeed...good for the soul! I love your curly hair...wish I had it!!

  6. Such cute bags! I'm glad everything has worked out with Emma continuing to spend lots of time with you!
    One day at a time with your mum.