Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just take 2, Take TWO

I have been participating in the Sentimental Stitches, Just Take 2, red/white quilt-a-long but have to admit that I have been seriously challenged when the blocks require them to be printed out. I have a MacBook Pro and my blocks just didn't print out the right size.  My good friend Lori sent me instructions that she found to try to remedy the situation. (operator error?? Probably).

Anyway, I tried the new methods and they worked.  So I had to remake the blocks.  Hence the title, Just Take 2, Take TWO. Mind you, the first strip of flying geese came out the right size because I pieced them individually. However, I completely forgot that I was using only muslin for the background. The real scrappy me came through and I used fun fabrics instead.  

Here you can see the two different versions; one block was seriously too small, even after I added a "sashing strip" VBG.

Anybody else doing these, along side the farmer's wife sow-a-long???

Have a great Wednesday. I'm off to pick up the darling grandson today. I have him to myself tonight as his parents both have work dinners. YEAH!!! Nana, Nana, Nana, here I come!!!

Love to you all,


  1. I am doing the just takes 2 blocks and have been able to print the patterns correctly. They just wrote some helpful tips for printing since lots of folks have been having trouble. I think it will be a wonderful quilt when done!

  2. I'll show my next batch as soon as I'm done with the book reviews! I'm so glad it is working for you now.

  3. I'm not doing the "Just Takes 2". I've reached my limit on the Sow-Along for projects right now.
    Have fun with darling grandson!

    1. I am doing the JT2 blocks, and am happy to say i am up to date . Posted pics on flickr "Circle of Friends Take 2" Which Grew from the Barbara Brackman Civil War group, a few of us have had problems with sizing. I solved mine my changing the "paper select " from A4 to US legal borderless, the scale then changed to 100% and the pattern printed out correct size. I am also doing a farmers wife and have only 13 blocks to go.

  4. I confess to both of them and also to being behind on both. Doesn't worry me as this is fun right.

  5. i'm doing just takes 2 also...using brown repros and muslin because i had them on hand...

  6. Yes, I'm nearly finished the last batch of JY2.

    I love the thought of having a red and white quilt with all the quilts represented from the Infinite Variety show but hope mine will fit together correctly with all the variations that can occur with a printer/computer. I have been redrafting them to make sure they are the correct size but I also think I have figured out my error in downloading the PDF files. So far I am up to date.
    I'd much rather have a day with my dear little granddaughter than anything else I can thing of though! Enjoy every minute.

    Happy Sewing Nana!

  7. The red and white blocks look great. Have a great time with DGS. Lots of hugs and kisses and fun!

  8. Hi~ I'm your newest follower. I'm doing JT2 and am so tempted by Farmer's Wife.... :-/ I don't know how long I can resist!

  9. I printed the first set of instructions for Just Takes 2 but then decided I have so many other projects to finish, indcluding FW I probably shouldn't start another one. I also bought fabric for a red and white quilt last fall that I hope to make into a king sized quilt. I have yet to start that one. I love looking at the red and white blocks everyone is doing for JT2.

  10. hope you had fun with that adorable grandson! JT2 blocks look great all over blogland but I decided I am going to pass this time around I am enjoying seeing yours though! keep sharing and have a great weekend

  11. I love your blocks and am saving the patterns, but I think I already have too much in the works right now. Yours look great, and I am enjoying seeing them all over others blogs.