Monday, March 26, 2012

Going on a little trip - want to enter my contest??

Good morning fellow sowers,
Don't be mad at me but Mark and I are leaving on our spring trip today and I will be gone until April 4th. Don't despair, though!! I've prepared my blocks for while I'm gone and arranged for the posts to be automatically posted.  There will be a bonus block this week; then the 3 blocks for the first Wednesday of April. So you should be kept busy!! And I will have my laptop so I can answer any questions.  

I will be posting clues, however, about my whereabouts!  And there will be a contest to guess where we're going.  Want to play along???  If I've already told you, please don't spill the beans!!! :-)

First clue:
We are crossing water to get to our destination.

Have a great Monday.

Love to you all,


  1. Have a good trip Randy ! Are you crossing a lot of water ? If yes, I have a little idea ....

  2. Starts with P and ends in s? Safe crossing.

  3. Looking forward to the next clue!!! I love "mysteries"! Have a great trip - looking forward to the next blocks!

  4. Hi Randy, I hope it's not too late to join your sow along. I have been reading about all the blocks and have selected a color theme (purples and whites). I just have to sow like crazy.
    I love a good mystery.

  5. Oh, Randy, I am no good at this guessing thing. I'll enjoy others' guesses. Hey, I just realized that I cross water to go anywhere from my house--the irrigation ditch that runs along the front of our property. : )
    That is very good of you to have the posts ready to go for those of us who don't get out much. VBG!
    Enjoy your journey--hope it is a safe one!

  6. I already know so will not spill any beans
    but wish you a fantastic trip.
    Thanks for leaving us plenty to do and blocks
    to look forward to since we are not going on a super
    Spring vacation.

    Happy sewing :0)

  7. Must be in Europe--France?

  8. OK ... that's 8 days away so I doubt it would be across the ocean (either one) because the flying time would take up half the trip. Water could be a river or a bay ... hmmmm.... I will collect more clues before I guess. Have a fun trip!

  9. Where ever you are off to, have a great time!