Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just Takes FOREVER

Well, it's the last day of our mini-vacation up in Sunriver. Today we woke to snow!~ It's been kind of sporadic but still in the 30s.  Can't beat the California weather...

I have been productive.  I had wanted to work on the Just Takes 2 latest installment which consists of a 15" feathered star (I am NOT doing the redwork), two sets of flying geese and a relatively easy square in a square.  I had a 15" paper pieced pattern for the feathered star, which nevertheless took me forever! I like how it came out.  And you will notice that my flying geese are different... I use the Quilt in a Day ruler and I screwed up the choice of fabrics but then decided I liked it different. So, that's how it is.

Hope everyone is having a super weekend and sowing away!!! I'm still tempted to post another BONUS block before our next installment...these 6" blocks are addictive!

Love to you all,


  1. Well done with the feathered star! And I love the color swap of the geese. I would not have thought to do that but think I'll steal it--great variety!

  2. Love your blocks!! I am using a pp pieced pattern from EQ for my feathered star. Have it printed but no time to sew this weekend.

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  4. Oh your JT2 blocks look great, I do like the reverse flying geese. I have a feeling were gonna be doing a lot more geese so it will be fun to have them a bit different don't you think?

    I finished all my 6 inch blocks and Yes they are addictive :0)
    Oh go ahead give us a bonus!

    Safe travel and Happy Sewing

  5. Your feathered star is just lovely and I like the reverse flying geese. Wonderful!

  6. The feathered star is beautiful!! Perfect geese. Like the color swap.
    Great job all around.

  7. Beautiful red and white blocks!! have enjoyed seeing the progress!!

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  8. Love your feathered star block, Randy. I'm taking a feathered star class this week and next. We will be doing some stack'n'whack for parts of it and perforated paper piecing on parts. I hope I can follow along. Sounds kind of complicated to me, but then I am a quilting wimp.
    I'm up for a bonus block if you are, but I've got plenty of other things to sew if you think you'd better not. How is that for a politically correct answer? : )

  9. Your feathered star is gorgeous!!!

  10. Beautiful work! I actually prefer "reversed" geese and yours look particularly stunning. Bring on another block. I, too, am addicted to these 6 inchers.....and that comes as a huge surprise to me! :)
    BTW, my California weather calls for sunshine today and then snow, snow, snow......LOVE it.

  11. so beautiful! i am behind on my version but will get caught up have inspired me!

  12. didn't by the book, sooooooooooo ready for a block,,,,,,,,,,,,,,your quilt is gorgeous,,,,,,,,,,,,,