Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Great day for sowing!

Good morning, ladies,
I feel terrible about the basket handle having been left off the instructions.  If you look at the book, you will see that the diagram has no handle. I obviously didn't look carefully enough. I think a rick-rack addition would be awesome.

To make up for that (aside from adding a handle or doing Bonnie's paper pieced version), I have put together instructions for 2 more blocks.  They may or may not be fw blocks. I didn't look.  I just picked these out from other books. I'm starting with the easy one!!

Shoo Fly 
Background (4) 2-1/2 squares
                 (2) 3" squares
Dark:         (2) 3" squares
                (1) 2-1/2" square

Place a light and dark 3" square, right sides together, to make half square triangles. You need 4---2-1/2" unfinished. ( or use the easy angle)

Civil War Sewing Circle block

Background  cut (2) 3" squares
                       (1) 1-1/2' x 13" strip
Dark           cut (2) 3" squares
Medium      cut (1) 1-1/2" x 13" strip
Bright         cut (1) 2-1/2" square

Make 4 hsts using the 3" squares (2-1/2" unf);  Strip piece the light and medium into (4) 4 patches, which are 2-1/2" unf. Set as shown below:

Hope you have fun with these blocks, which are really bonus blocks.  I'm not counting them!

It's been pouring rain in Northern California since I returned from Sunriver (where it was snowing).  I'm heading over to San Jose today to make arrangements for my mom's release from the nursing home to an assisted living facility, temporarily. Sounds like she's getting out of jail, doesn't it? I'm hoping she gets her strength back quickly and won't have to stay there very long.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday. I go get darling grandson tomorrow! YEAH!!

Love to you all,
ps: Remember there's a giveaway on Friday afternoon of the dresden plate ruler, which I never used!


  1. Hi Randy, well, I know what I will be doing this afternoon. (grin) Thanks for the bonus blocks. I can't believe how much I am enjoying this, now that someone is telling me how to put the blocks together.LOL Before, I was kind of lost. Also thanks for the idea of using ric rac for the basket handle. I was just going to leave it without a handle. Not of fan of paper piecing. Now at least I have an option. Have a good one.

  2. It was no problem adding a handle to the basket. I also tried broken dishes and wow - I may have to try that one again. I need the practice though with all those hst and the points. Haven't done all the blocks yet but am working to catch up.
    Thanks. Enjoy that cute baby tomorrow.

  3. Hi Randy, thanks for the bonus blocks. Finally broke down and bought Bonnie Hunter's favourite rulers, ie: Easy Angle 6.5 and what a difference it makes! First block I used it for was the Broken Dishes block and it came together so quickly. I am looking forward to the "linky" button to see what colours and themes others are choosing to do. Thanks again.

  4. In different colouring, they are FW blocks (I looked through my book). Shoo Fly = Snowball (#81) and Civil War Sewing Circle = Prairie Queen (#70).

    For the basket block, I cut a bias strip and freehand formed it into a handle shape. It seemed to work!


  5. I am going to get busy on these tonight, in spite of everything I should be doing!
    Have a safe journey taking care of your Mom.

  6. I looked through the book also and found 5 other blocks with pieces like Shoo Fly but with the colors just arranged differently. Then I started looking for Sewing Circle and found 6 other blocks that were those same pieces in different arrangements and different amounts of colors in the blocks but the same size pieces. It is interesting.

  7. Randy: Thanks for the extra blocks. I'm just starting this sow-along with some shirting fabrics I won from QuiltDivaJulie. I am going to make a lap/nap quilt for my father-in-law with re-purposed shirt fabric: plaids & stripes.

  8. I love the fabric you chose for the Civil War Sewing Circle Block - so cute!

  9. Don't worry about that basket block. I liked it. I plan to use it as it is, and make Bonnie's version too.

  10. Thanks for the extra blocks. I'm having fun with this, it's addictive. I cut a narrow bias strip, folded it in half wrong sides together then stitched a very narrow seam. I rolled the seam underneath and then hand stitched it to my basket. No fussing with folding edges under. I opened the seams just below the ends and tucked them into the back of the block then restitched the seam. It looks really nice and was quite easy to do.
    Linda in CT

  11. Yes...please don't worry about those silly basket blocks. You are helping me to work on my A word (applique). LOL. I did both baskets too. I am finishing up on the bonus blocks today...National Quilting Day! Thanks for all you do....just know that it is seriously appreciated by all!

  12. I made my basket block without the handle and I am going to keep it that way because I do love it! Thank you for the bonus blocks and for hosting!

  13. Thank you, i'm enjoying these block so much!And im learning so much from them.