Sunday, June 17, 2012

And the answer is...

What great guesses!! Thanks everyone for giving your thoughts.

The intended purpose of that gadget is as a seam ripper!! And I got plenty of use out of it this afternoon, having to rip out a seam 3 times. Ever happen to you? Keep sewing the same thing the wrong way? UGH.

Fortunately it was a short seam.
But, I'll tell ya, that thing really vibrates!  It would probably be very useful for a larger seam when its speed would come in handy. But for a short little seam, I'll probably stick to my favorite Clover seam ripper!  

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that your husbands/fathers/sons got to enjoy their day!

Sow-A-Long blocks coming on Wednesday, by the way! GET READY!!

Love to you all,


  1. I hope I can catch up by Wed. I am behind and not too happy about it!! I did sew today, and have three more blocks to complete!!! That is a neat little gadget!!

  2. Oh, yes. I have unpicked only to resew the same mistake over and over. Maddening!
    It feels so good to be caught up and ready for the next blocks--that doesn't usually happen to me. : )
    Seam ripper? Looks like overkill to me. I actually use my rotary cutter on a lot of my unpicking. I know a bunch of you just cringed in horror, but it works for me.

  3. I would be scared to use that thing to rip out a seam
    oh I love my clover seam ripper , seems I have been using it a bit too much lately though

  4. i start a seam with a ripper..first stitch and then I "tickle" the tread with my opened rotary cutter and it flies! I'm able to take seams out in a jiffy that way.

  5. OMG! One of my students has one of those and I still didn't recognize it. :( It is a great tool if you have longer seams. I kinda agree that the ripper is fine for short seams.

  6. Thanks for the review of the little clipper. I saw those at our local quilt show and think about it when I'm ripping out a seam :-) It would be more useful when I screw up a quilting design on my longarm but I think it would be really awkward to try using it for that.