Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Wednesday of June...Sow-A-Long Day

Can you believe it's June already? Time sure is going by fast this year. Well, it's the first Wednesday of June and it's therefore Sow-A-Long day! WOOHOO.
However, as I told you, because I'll be gone all week on a family vacation and I'm a bit disorganized, we are doing only TWO blocks this week.  But don't get lazy on me: when I get back, we're going to make up the missing block!!


Background:  Cut (9) 2-1/2" squares, different fabrics
Med/Dark:     cut (18) 1-1/2" squares, from 9 diff prints

Can you tell that you are sewing on the diagonal across the 9 diff prints on the corners of the backgrounds? Each unit is 2" fin (2-1/2" unfin).

Flutter Wheel:

Medium:   Cut (4) 2-1/2" squares (my gold)

Background:  Cut (1) 2 x 4" rectangle, making 4 hsts, 1" fin
Medium:       cut (1) 2 x 4" rectangle
You are making 5 different sets of 4 hsts. The unit is 2" fin (2-1/2" unfin)

That's it for this week!
Love to you all,


  1. I am a little behind with this sow-along. How many blocks are there so far?

  2. Well, I was caught up for two whole days! These look like fun blocks!

  3. I got my fabric pulled for the LeMoyne Star last night and was going to get caught up, but it had been a very long day and I knew if I tried sewing I would just make mistakes. So the two blocks are a relief to me, but these are beauties, with little pieces! It will feel like making three! : ) But I'm not complaining, mind you. VBG

  4. Yikes there are some mighty small pieces!

  5. Oh yeah :0)
    Lots of pieces...cute blocks!

    Happy Sewing,

  6. As a non-quilter (sorry!), I love seeing the technical bits of quilting explained like this as it helps to see how it is all put together. Enjoyed your blog. xCathy

  7. Randy, on the flutter wheel, I am lost at how to make all of those hst with just one rectangle. My mind has just shut down. Are there directions for doing this somewhere else?? Sorry to be so dumb.

    1. Me too! Any help on this one?