Saturday, June 2, 2012

Who doesn't like a nice cold one?

I'm not really a big drinker but I do enjoy a beer on a warm day. When we were in Oregon last weekend (where it wasn't warm), we stopped at the Deschutes Brewery for lunch and a beer.  It's a lot of fun to visit the various breweries in the area, as that is becoming quite the thing. In fact, you can bring an empty bottle ("growler") and get the thing filled for about $12!

Even if you're not much of a beer drinker, you must admit these look good. And look at all the taps in the background. So many choices...

I barely finished mine, by the way. But it was fun nonetheless.

Love to you all,


  1. And I do like trying different brews.
    My son gives me lots of advice on what to try :0)...especially when Mom is paying.

    Aloha and
    Happy Sewing

  2. My DD works in a beer and wine specialty shop in LA. She now knows a lot about beer. Unlike while she was in college and drank whatever was cheapest. LOL

  3. I sort of miss a good beer where I live now ... where I come from every other village has one or two breweries or at least a pub/bar that does its own brewing ...

  4. looks like a fun place and the glasses do look great, would love to visit a brewery just to see how it is done
    great that you have places like to visit, wish we did
    although I would prefer a good root beer!

  5. Nope, no way, nah! Even if I were dying of thirst in the desert, beer never looks good! Lol! Glad you enjoyed a cold one though!

  6. I agree with Kathie ... nothing like a micro-brewed ROOT BEER...amazing taste! After having been "over-served" (and underaged) I got "ill" on beer. Suffice it to say that 35+ years later I still cannot stand the SMELL of beer let alone the taste. Wish I could enjoy but not the case. Glad you were able to enjoy though ;-)

  7. Samplers are fun to do too!!

  8. I enjoy a sip or two, especially on a warm summer day, but I'm with Janet. Ginger ale is at the top of my list for refreshment.
    I have to admit those filled glasses are photogenic :)

  9. I loved that about Portland, all the micro brews and restaurants....oh so good on a hot day, or any day. I'd rather drink a beer than a pop!