Sunday, June 10, 2012

Catching up, unpacking and missing you-know-who

We are back from our family's trip to Hawaii and, aside from some serious airline screw ups coming back, we had a fabulous trip.  All 3 of our grown kids came along, with Rachel and her husband and their darling boy, Ryan.  I just wanted to send you a sampling:

Here is Ryan being elated sitting on bridge number 1 (there were 2).

Here's another one, this one with me, Ryan and my son Ben (24) --hope you don't mind the half-nakedness!!:

There are many other priceless ones I will show you within the next day. First I need to reacquaint myself with my fabric and projects in the sewing room!

Can't wait to be back sewing again. 

Love to you all,


  1. Palm trees swaying in the background--I'm jealous! Look forward to seeing more of your trip!

  2. Ryan must have been the light of the trip! Having little children his age around is just so fun. What a wonderful family vacation can not wait to see more pictures ....

  3. He is just so darned cute! Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful trip.

  4. Oh look at his face!
    And you are a beautiful Nana :0)
    Looks like you are just bursting with pride with
    your two special "boys".

    Welcome home and Happy Sewing

  5. Don't mind the half-nakedness at all! Looking forward to more pictures of your trip. What a wonderful way to celebrate family!

  6. As i have commented before, I love your posts with your many, many blocks for us, you are so good for us and to us. But most of all I do so enjoy your Ryan and his smiles and your loving every minute of it. I know, have been there six times and now with the GG twin boys. Sad though as they are in NY and I am in Fl. Having three young men of my own and four grandboys I do not mind the nakedness. hhaha