Saturday, January 9, 2016

Retreat finishes

I always seem to get so much more done when surrounded by my quilting friends! Know what I mean??

I've been in Wisconsin since Wednesday and feel good about having finished the Angel Food pattern!!

The pattern calls for a border but the fabric I chose didn't look good so we all thought it looked great as is!!  I must admit I had some help doing the sawtooth border, though. 

My friend Pat had designed a quilt a few years ago which she kitted up. Here is one all finished!
I need to get started on mine!

Pat designed another quilt for her daughter's wedding. I just love it. 

Here is a miniature version:

Debbie had a kit for this small top:
Isn't this adorable!!

I saw the most ingenious thing in the new grocery store we stopped into:  a list/directory on every aisle to help you find items!!

More quilts to follow!!


  1. I have to say that I like the dark quilt with squares the best. Its a beauty!!

  2. Thanks for posting the Angel Food quilt, I am so happy to see that it is finally a finished top!! Have fun at retreat!

  3. Your angel food quilt makes me remember the angel cake with maple meringue on top that my mother used to do and that was decadent.
    I love all the quilts shown on your post.

  4. I'm with Lori on this one. I really like the Four Score Quilt, but I'm also a little bias. Nice work!

  5. Can't tell Angel Food is missing a border. Looks good to me!
    Love the dark squares quilt Pat designed.
    I have the pieces all cut to do a small "plus" quilt someday. They have their own special container and they have been waiting patiently for me to get going on it for a couple of years, at least! : 0

  6. ALL the quilts are beautiful and I am happy you're having a fun and productive retreat ... sewing with friends is such a wonderful thing! The "wedding quilt" that Pat did is lovely as is the "square" one she finished ... quite the talented designer! Enjoy your weekend with friends, Randy! Linda

  7. PS: The grocery store directory is a great idea. Meijer has a price check station and help phone at various locations in the store ... you just pick up the phone and ask where something is at or scan to check a price on something ... VERY shopper friendly!

  8. I love Pat's quilt as well! I think the dark colors really make it stand out.

  9. Love pat's quilt. I think the stripe really makes this one pop and the great value contrasts. It's fabulous. Your Angel quilt is lovely, so soft and romantic looking!