Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Second step for bullseye quilt

Two weeks ago we cut all the circles and backgrounds. We also sewed the merge circle down. 

I like to trim the back of the large circle and can reuse the discarded fabric. So very carefully separate the back of the circle for the newly sewn unit and cut a small slit. Then you can very slowly trim the excess circle close to the seam line. 

Set the excess part aside. 

Now take the 5-1/2" cut circle and sew it on top of the first unit. 
I like to trim the back again. 

Now one more circle goes on the top. This is the small 3-1/2" circle. Now is a great way to reuse the first cut out from the back. 

You can trim the back again to reduce the bulk but it is much smaller so you need to be careful. You can wait to do that until the next step. 
Now your homework is to get all your blocks sewn in this fashion. Make as many blocks as you think you'll need for the size quilt you want. 

I'll post the next step in two weeks on Feb 9!


  1. I'm considering what size to make this quilt. Why did you make yours the size you did? Do you consider it twin size? This is a fun quilt and I only need 5 more blocks to have it the same size as yours.

  2. Oh Randy, I was so happy to see that you cut out the back. After I did the first two I thought, Oh Oh, was I supposed to do that? Anyway, I should have my next step posted tomorrow. I'm having fun with these.

  3. Ok I'm behind a little but I can always come back. I'm still cutting my squares and first circle. I'm having fun using up some stash that I'm tired of looking at. Thanks for the idea of cutting the back out. Ok one to choosing more fabric. This is a fun quilt to make I can see, thank you