Monday, August 15, 2022

Maine quilts, part I

 I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Maine quilt show two weeks ago in Augusta, and not only go to the show, but spend time with Wendy Reed (constantquilter) and Barb Veder (funwithbarb).  It was a week of incredible fun and sharing of talents!  I loved every minute!

I flew in and was picked up by Wendy and her sweetest husband Gordon.  Last time I visited a couple of years ago, they took me to a bbq place (BBQ in Maine?? Seriously??!!) which had the best Bloody Mary.  We went on our way to the airport this time, but I have to show you the cocktails.  Who ever heard of a rib on top of a drink??  It was pretty darn good!!

For me, honestly, one of the highlights of the show was seeing our Community Supper quilt that Wendy put together from all the blocks she collected from people all over.  She did a super job and it really was great to be able to see what we contributed to.  Sadly, the organizers of the show did not put any explanations or stories with the quilts so no one was able to understand what was behind the quilt.  I was sorry about that in many other quilts.

I was also able to view the back, which (you may remember) Wendy pieced each block using one of her favorite toiles or cheater cloths, along with the labels that everyone made.

It is a beautiful quilt filled with so much meaning.  Kudos to Wendy for organizing this and putting it together so beautifully.

I loved this quilt which greeted quilters at the entry.  It's simple... seems like the circles were string pieced and then appliqued onto the great green backgrounds.
And each block was quilted in a different pattern, which I think is fabulous

There were some stunning quilts.

This was a Sue Garman quilt pattern, "Halo Medallion", which I love.  I think it even received several ribbons!

Another ribbon winner.  Isn't this applique gorgeous?!!  The quilting is also pretty spectacular.  I love the brown background--I'd never have thought to use that.

I've been a fan of Jan Kingwell's quilts.  There were a bunch in Maine (as in Sisters, as well)...another ribbon winner!

I love all these circles.  So simple but yet so striking!  Great use of colors, don't you think?

Here is it in a different color way:

Here's a Barbara Brackman pattern done by none other than my dear friend Wendy Reed, who truly is an appiquéer extraordinaire!!.  Stunning.

Here's another of Wendy's:

I have many other quilts to share but I really wanted to show you how delighted Wendy was when Barb Vedder (funwithbarb) and I presented her with the quilt we made for her to help her heal from her current medical issues.
I took orphan blocks from my stash and Barb's and put the quilt together.  It's very much like doing a puzzle, which I really do enjoy.  My friend Sandy Lachowski (here in Bend) was kind enough to get the quilting done for us literally overnight after the quilt show.  Barb attached the binding and made a beautiful label.  Wendy was cuddled under the quilt while we were all together, which was awesome.  It was a true labor of love by both of us!

We are three peas in a pod and we always enjoy it when we can be together, although it's a little challenging with me being across the country from them.

Quilting friends are the best, aren't they??

Stay well, stay safe and be grateful.