Tuesday, June 30, 2020

It's a log cabin kind of week

Can't believe it's the end of June!  We've been at the cabin over 3 months already!  Love being here for the change of seasons, although it was hailing two days ago!!  Not warm on a consistent basis...doesn't bother me.

I had participated in a sewalong last month where we made a bunch of log cabin blocks.  I decided to use mine in a different way.  First I made a cover for my sewing machine and called it my June Mini!! That was for Wendy Reed (constantquilter)!

I enjoyed making the log cabin blocks and kept going-- then I made two placemats for our table!

You can see that I got a bit bolder with the second set of blocks!  They are 6" and my strips are 1-1/4" unfinished.

Our daughter has been staying with us after having decided that life in a studio apartment in San Francisco wasn't so great.  It's been one of the silver lining results of Covid--we've had a chance to spend lots of time with her.
Anyway, she wanted to know where was HER placemat??!!  So I started on more log cabin blocks this week.  She was very particular about the colors, though!!

Our son has now arrived at the cabin with his family so I'll need to make more placemats, I think.  It'll be a little harder with two little kids, though, so I don't expect to be getting much sewing done.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

A challenge and more houses

I am doing a small challenge with a group of friends and I spent a lot of time trying to decide on my center.  I finally found a block I was attracted to from the book Autumn Bouquet by Sharon Keightley and went about working on it.

In cleaning out my sewing room in our California house, I came across a bundle of pinks and browns that I bought at Quilt Market many years ago and decided that was the perfect fabric!

I actually went into the local quilt store yesterday for the right color thread to do the applique and found that pink print which I've laid the block onto.  The pinks aren't bright but are kind of soft.  I also got to use a printed background I've had (I've been collecting them for a while).  I fussy cut the center of the flowers (which were from the print I used in last month's mini!).

I feel like this is the culmination of modern technology:  I paper pieced the flying geese;  I machine appliqued the stems, flowers and leaves.  I did use freezer paper for the applique pieces.  I don't think you can really tell that I used my machine to sew the pieces down.  Of course hand appliqué would look spectacular, but I'm too impatient busy to spend the time doing that.

I've also done more houses and it's almost looking like a neighborhood! I'm enjoying these blocks and like using brights!  I would like to add some trees too, if I can figure out how to make them the right size!  These are the Moda houses.

I had printed out the pattern for this fun block, looking like a propeller. I'm going to make mine all loud and fun!

More kayaking this week but I found a small tear in the bottom of my boat so I had to drop it off to be repaired.  It explained why I had water in the bottom of the boat! ;-)

Hope you are having a great week and staying safe.  We are still very happy staying in our cabin in Central Oregon;  our daughter came back up to stay and work from home here rather than in her small studio apartment in San Francisco so it's nice to have her with us!

It was this time last year that Claire and I were in Vermont for the quilt show with Wendy Reed and Barb Vedder.  We are all sad it's not happening this year but we're looking forward to being together again next year, if not before!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

A little of this and that

Today was my first time this year heading out on my kayak.  It was a gorgeous day and the lake we went to was spectacular.  Now that Janet O. taught me how to change my picture on my blog, I was able to show you my view.

I have done a little sewing, although not much.

I fished out two ufos from at least 10-15 yrs ago.  I don't even know when I made these tops.  I added borders to them to make them large enough to donate to the kids' quilt group I belong to.  I dropped them off at a friend's and felt good about contributing something during this time.  I also had two other tops ready to go.  I'm showing you the before and after!

My recollection is that this was a pattern from Quilter's Newsletter many years ago.  I was supposed to make 4 sides of flying geese;  I obviously stalled after the first one.  I took it off and added a border instead.

Then in cleaning out a closet, I came across this small piece.  I honestly have absolutely NO idea when I made it. It's a cute pattern but it was too small for a child so I added some fun fabrics to it:

the most amazing find was that I  still had some of that center cute fabric and I FOUND it!

so this is what I came up with:

We spent two weekends in California and got to have our grandkids stay overnight.  That was great fun.

We are now back in Central Oregon, sheltering in place. Except for going out on the kayak!

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

Monday, June 1, 2020

Another small finish

With my newfound strategy to do a little hand sewing each day, I am happy to say that I finished another block in the Primitive Gatherings Twilight project.  I have another block ready to work on so that's progress, right?

Once again, my center is not exactly in the center (well, the middle of the center is a little off!).  I need to perfect my technique on the centers, I think. VBG

I really am enjoying wool appliqué and I'd encourage you to try it if you have never done it.  So much easier than needle turn (no offense, Wendy Reed!! [constantquilter])

And in my spare time, I decided to make some houses!!  They are sure fun, although I don't have the same variety of fun fabrics here at the cabin.

Hope you are staying healthy and safe!
ps: Max's haircut was finished yesterday!  He looks like a new dog! Short hair and sort of even. vbg