Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The real December mini plus other blocks

 I finally finished the binding on my December mini, which you will recall was made using Janet O's scraps (with the condition that I only add one or two fabrics!).  I did only add a light and the binding.  Otherwise it was all Janet's scraps.

I think this is called a bar quilt.  I forgot to wash off the markings for the quilting patterns ...sorry.  This was a fun project, especially using someone else's scraps, which I always think are more attractive, right??!!  Thank you Janet for sharing your leftovers!

I have started a new project (note that I'm not working on something I already started or identified! That would be too easy).  I started doing this block a day being published by Jessica Dayon.  I'm going to do it in purple and aqua for my new granddaughter, Leia, who is living in Virginia now.  These are just the first two. You can join in at her blog:  I think the blocks will slow down after New Years.

When I took the picture of the mini, I realized I had some fun things to share on my sewing table. It's kind of an international collection!

I love the clock.  I ordered it from Moda.  So cute.  But the strangest thing is that when I hung it on the wall, it didn't work.  Didn't keep time.  On my sewing table?  Worked great.  Hung on the wall?  Not so much!  STUMPED

The little star pin cushion was made from fabric I bought at the quilt show in Nantes (France) several years ago.  I love it.

And the Hawaiian "box' in the back is my "trash" holder which I found at a quilt store in Kauai.  I've bought them for all my friends!  It's perfect and even folds flat!

One closing picture of my Zeke, which gives you another idea of how large my dog is!  Here's he's "standing" at the window seat looking out the window where he thinks he sees some people snow-shoeing out back of our cabin.  He does this all the time at our kitchen counters, scanning for something to sneak!  The sweetest dog but oh so strong!! He's been loving the snow, too!  Buries his face or just plops down in the snow banks!!

Hope you are all healthy (this new variant is scary!!) and having a great holiday.  I am sending you lots of love and hugs for a wonderful new year 2022!!

Much love to you all!

Monday, December 27, 2021

Being productive, sort of

 This past month I've tried to work on my December mini, using the scraps that Janet O so generously gifted me, with the challenge to make something using only her scraps plus one or two other fabrics.

I've just about finished my mini (still sewing down the binding) and followed her instructions.  So you'll need to wait a day or two for that reveal.

But I had many more scraps leftover and decided to use them to make a little something:

Any ideas what it is?  I used a fabric I bought in Virginia that's Bernina fabric!  FUN!  So, what are you thoughts??

I have two machines in my sewing room and the second one needed a cover (have been using a pillow case~! YIKES) and thought it was the perfect project for the leftover gold/blue/light scraps plus I added a bunch more.  Of course now I have more scraps than I started with!

There's no pattern for this;  I just made it up as I went along.

We've had lots of snow in Central Oregon this past week and it's quite beautiful.  My poor birds (I've become a bird feeder!) So much snow that the top of the bird feeder had about 4" as did the water bowl (which is completely frozen)

I need to refill the feeder but I'll need to put on my heavy tall boots to have to climb over the snow to reach it!!

Here's the view out my back!

The snow is perfect for snow shoeing this week, although it's VERY cold.  Hasn't gotten above 22* and nights are in the teens (or lower).  BRRR

Hope you're having a great week and recovering from Christmas.  I'll be back in a day or two with the December mini all finished.

Big hugs,

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Definitely due for a blog post - November mini, at last

 I cannot believe it's now December and I failed to post again in November.  Fall has definitely come and gone!  I will share one more fall picture I took in a local park:

Now fast forward to December in Central Oregon!!  SNOWY

So have I been getting much sewing done lately?  I wish I could say yes but not so much.  I did finish my November mini but had trouble posting the picture.  This started as Thanksgiving placemats but obviously got remade into thimbles!  VBG

And I'm happy to say that I've been working on my December mini, using Janet O's scrap bag of blues and golds.  I've used just about all the golds in several projects, which I'll share very soon.

We've been able to enjoy the snow and I've gone snowshoeing in the mountains nearby.  Even Zeke, now weighing in at 75 lbs, loves the snow.

When he goes out into the snow to play (he loves the snow), he winds up with these little ice balls up and down his legs (he has a coat which protects his tummy and back!) which are very tough to remove so I've moved my hair dryer into the laundry room where I dry off his body as best as I can, leaving a puddle on the floor! ;-)

Last winter we put lights on our trees (a first for me, nice Jewish girl that I am) and this year, we have even more.  Very pretty with the snow, I think.   These are all in our backyard.

Hope you're all having a wonderful, healthy holiday season!

Be safe, healthy and happy!