Sunday, April 19, 2020

Checking in

My little Temecula stay at home sampler is really fun.  I'm doing it in blue/white/yellows.
They are precious little 3" blocks that take about 10 minutes to make each day! My kind of project!

My plan is to combine these blocks into a quilt with these blocks I had put aside.  This was a project I started but didn't get very far.  So now I'm incorporating them into a new project, which will hopefully get finished this time around!

My dh drove back to California today to pick up some of our things and our mail so I am going to have several days on my own!  I will probably have him bring me more fabric and ufos!  This is looking like it's going to be a while!

What can I do when I'm alone??? Besides sewing??
BAKE.  I saw this recipe on Facebook and decided it sounded perfect for a Sunday morning.  What could ever be wrong with a coffee cake??  this recipe called for using Bisquick, which I didn't have so I found a way to make my own.  PERFECT.

I have also really been in the mood for making sourdough bread but I don't have a starter so I found a recipe for that and have been making my starter little by little.  Today is Day 5 so it's almost ready to use.  I've never had my own sourdough starter.  I'll let you know how that goes.  I could definitely eat an entire loaf of sourdough bread, right out of the oven. With butter!  And being alone will make it my entire dinner!!

Hope everyone is staying safe and is healthy.  We have been staying in place for 5 weeks now, here in Central Oregon.  It's a great place to be quarantined;  each day I go for a 5 mile walk with a friend (we talk on the phone!!);  it's perfect.  if I didn't eat so much of the coffee cake, I'd probably lose a little weight. ;-))

Be well.

Monday, April 13, 2020

A finish and more masks

Hope you had a fun Easter in whatever form you got to enjoy it.  

I've been sewing more masks as I'm getting more and more requests for them.  They go quickly and it's kind of fun.  I will say that I wore mine last week and didn't really enjoy the experience. ;-(  I guess it's a necessary evil.  I'm not going out very often so fortunately I don't need to wear it very much.  Do the masks count as a mini, Wendy Reed??? vbg

I did finally finish the Cheddarback quilt!  YEAH!
I'd like to add a border but I don't have any fabric here at the cabin that'd work (all my large scale florals are in California) so it's going to the longarm quilter today as is.  I wound up substituting some blocks since my print outs for several weeks are in California so I had to just make-do.  I have that very old book, Around the Block (and ATB Again), which is one of my favorite go-to books for block patterns.  Finding blocks the right size is easy with that book.  If you have it, don't you love it??!!
Also, I realized one basket block is facing down, which will be just fine!

Next up??  I think I'll do the Temecula little project they're doing with 3" blocks;  I'll also start back on the Moda Blockheads III.

I also had a thought that I might take a pile of orphan blocks and put them together into a quilt.  I have three large baggies with blocks I started for 3 different projects.  I'll post my progress.

Today I'm bringing pizzas to my mom's memory care facility for the staff;  I also bring her the newspaper.  They've been in lockdown for over 4 weeks and happily no one has gotten sick!  So I haven't seen her in a while.

Take care.  Stay safe and healthy!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Making masks

I have really resisted the idea of wearing a mask but having read the latest warnings, I have decided that it's probably smart to wear one.

I've kept many patterns but finally settled on a very simple one.  I made one for myself and a friend, who doesn't sew, asked me to make them a pair.  There is also an organization in Bend that is collecting masks so I'll be making them a pile as well to drop off.

I had fun digging through fun fabrics.

I'm almost done assembling the cheddarback quilt - have had a little interference, though.

Once this is finished, I'll start on the Moda Blockheads as well as the Temecula latest little project.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  The weather has finally gotten warmer here in Central Oregon so we are able to bike ride and enjoy the warmer weather.