Friday, April 29, 2016

More Nantes quilts

I think this was another Yoko Saito quilt. Talk about hexies!!!
There was a booth of Linda Koenig's quilts which were beautiful!

Simple but striking 

This appliquéd quilt was amazing. 

Great way to use half square triangles 

The quilter herself and her book!  Too heavy to take home in my luggage, sadly. 

These were from a different booth:

Love the use of toile here!  I think I have that fabric too. 

More hexies!

Loved these quilts!!!

The colors are so exciting!

I loved the center hexies appliquéd onto a gorgeous floral background. 

A vendor booth 

I thought this display was darling.

Tomorrow I will show the quilts I loved the best. 
Here is a display window in Paris of a store selling the most gorgeous (and expensive!) umbrellas I've ever seen!! I'd never take them out in the rain though!

Here is another window of a perfume shop. The Parisians spare no expense in doing windows!
So simple but beautiful!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

More Nantes quilts

I've been a bad blogger this past week so I'm late in posting more pictures from the Quiltmania show. Forgive me! Lots of babysitting!

The show was organized around the featured quilters. One which was just amazing was Yoko Saito. Here are some of her quilts:

There were some modern quilts which I'm not usually crazy about but these caught my eye!

I never met a basket I didn't like!!

Blue and baskets?? Perfect combo!!

Look at the quilting in this!!

Can you imagine doing all those points?

I still have more to show but in the meantime I'll show you my doll quilt that I made and sent off to Virginia!  It's international--I pieced it in Wisconsin and did the Primitive hand quilting in France. How exciting is that?  Hopefully she will like it!  It's a Lori Smith pattern btw. 

And last night I caught up on my Circa 2016 blocks, which I really enjoyed!

My Cheri quilt is coming along although differently than the plan!!

Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to share more Nantes pictures during the kids' naps!!  Did I mention that we will have a new grand baby in November??!! Yup! My son and his wife are expecting!! Life is not just good-- it's phenomenal!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Nantes show was beyond words!

I don't know where to start to share the amazing quilts on display at this small but amazing show in Nantes, France. Let me just say that I'm so glad I planned our trip allowing us to end up at the show!

First display was from the collections of quilts owned by Jane Lury, and there is a book being sold in conjunction with the show!

Enjoy!! Salivate!! 

I'm hoping I'm not mixing up the different displays. Forgive me if I do.  Lots of broderie perse!

Next was the Di Ford mystery put on by Quiltmania. My friend Will was asked to submit hers and was able to get all the quilting done in time. No small feat!!   Hers is just beautiful.  Each quilt was more special than the others. I even bought myself the pattern, being so motivated now!

This is Will's masterpiece but it was hanging too high to get a close up. I posted pictures of it December before it was finished.

This was Will and I and a friend of hers from the Netherlands, Betty Prins. I hope you aren't tired of seeing these quilts, which are all so different because of the variety of fabric choices. 

This was Di Ford's, although it didn't even have a name!! Simply gorgeous!!

Next will be the Japanese quilts and a couple of American quilters. We fly home tomorrow. Worst part of Europe is the jet lag! And I'm babysitting the 3 darlings on Friday!! They miss their Nana!!