Friday, April 22, 2022

Two bags full

 I'm delighted to say that I finished the second Hawaii bag ready to send to my friends in Kauai.  I still think they're a bit too small; one friend carries her laptop around as well as lunch.  I'm still trying to find the pattern I used previously to make the bigger bags I've made.

I'm pretty sure they'll be delighted but, of course, we are never completely satisfied, right?

The quilt beneath the one on the right is the one I recently finished, which I'm going to deliver to my newest granddaughter Leia next month in Virginia.  It's waiting for the binding to be attached.  The rolled up quilt to its left is the other quilt I finished for the Céçile et Corinne sew along that needs to be quilted.  I was unable to spray baste it in Sunriver because it kept snowing every day!! :-)

We are back in California so I can now share some of the wonderful fabrics I got at the closing sale of the quilt store in Bend -- have you heard of Tilda fabrics?  They're definitely not cheap and originally you couldn't even buy a FQ--only sold in yard increments!  I saw a really cute quilt they had done so I snagged a bunch--even at 50% off, they are pretty pricey!  I think it'll make an adorable girl's quilt!

I did manage to buy yards and yards of other fabrics.  Who can pass up 50% off??  But do you know that fabric is now selling for over $12/yd!!

I definitely don't need to buy any fabric for a while--we'll see how that goes!

I'm hoping to catch up with my Moda Blockheads this weekend and get the binding on and quilt the sew along quilt.

Have a great weekend.  Did I tell you I got my second booster!! WOOHOO.  Boostedx2!!


Monday, April 18, 2022

An oxymoron?

 I figured that'd get your attention.  I'm really trying to be a better blogger so here I am posting again, although not a ton to mention.

Did you have a fun Easter?  Here in Central Oregon, spring takes forever to land.  It snowed every day last week!  It melted quickly but the temps were pretty much always in the 40s.

I showed you some scraps on my design wall and asked you to guess what they were going into... the answer?

A BAG.  I love making bags!  And I had decided to make two Hawaiian bags for two friends in Hawaii.  I've got one done.  In order to take a decent picture, I put it in the snow.  Hence the oxymoron... a hawaiian bag in the snow!!  VBG

They are all such fun fabrics!  I can't wait to show you the second one, which is almost done.  I'm afraid that the bag came out a little smaller than I'd wanted so next time I may have to use a different pattern.  Do you have a favorite bag pattern you like to use??

We had a beautiful sunset last week which I always enjoy.

Sadly, there's a local store in Bend that's going out of business and they reduced everything to 50% off.  I went last week when the discount was 40%!  I have my eye on a kit so I'm going to go tomorrow and be there when they open!!  Like I need more fabric, right??

Have a great week!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Catching up

 I find it exceedingly scary to think how fast time is going.  Of course the past two years has been a complete blur.  I know many people share in that emotion.  But to think that I haven't posted in a month?  Where did the time go?  I'm not going to dwell on the negative since I'm definitely a "glass is half full" kind of person!

So on my sewing front, I haven't done a ton of work but I have gotten some things done.  I of course couldn't pass up another Mode Blockheads.. It's the fourth time they're doing it and I cannot deny how much I love some of the past ones (well, I will also admit to not having done the third one!!).  I had a layer cake (my fingers typed "lawyer" automatically...hehe) from Betsy Chutchian and I've been using that and enjoying the fabrics.

And then I played with it on point.  I think it's so interesting to see how different a block can look just turned 90*!

These are 4-1/2" fin.

and on point:

For the next one,  I kept changing fabrics, auditioning variations and finally came up with this version:  it can use a serious pressing, so please ignore that!

Then there was a bonus block and in my typical fashion, I didn't carefully look at the diagram and made mine significantly more scrappy than the picture.  Oh well.  No right or wrong way, right?  No quilt police here!

I kind of like how it turned out but I felt like I'd not followed the directions carefully so I did another one, but only did it 4-1/2" (the larger blocks are 9").  I really like the idea of varying the sizes of the blocks.  I've made several quilts like that I think  are so much more interesting.  Of course, putting them together is a bit of a challenge, but I do enjoy that.

I love doing mitered corners (I know, a glutton for punishment!) so I mitered all these corners.  I feel like I followed the rules better in this version (am I being silly, or what??!!) so I'm including this one in the batch.

I have started doing a leader/ender project based on a quilt I saw on Facebook recently-- I'm sewing pinwheels (super fast and easy) and setting them with a light neutral.  I'm just using scraps and will keep going until I run out of the "solid".

I'm ready to quilt my Corinne et Céçile quilt and have it "sandwiched" but had a problem with the area I was going to lay it out to spray baste it together! HAHA!

We woke up to 6" of snow yesterday!  My bird customers were very happy that we returned to the house here in Sunriver as they now have a source of food without having to look very hard!  Not sure you can see how many birds there are but trust me: there are dozens!!

Anyway, the snow delayed my spray basting the quilt, which is rolled up and ready!

I did start another project which is on my design wall...any ideas??

Hawaiian themed...the bottom strips are for another project so don't be distracted by them!  I have a cute pattern for an easy quilt made of strips like these so I'm going to get back to that too.

Hope everyone is feeling well and starting to enjoy some spring weather.  I'm going to get my second booster shot this week so I can hopefully NOT get Covid!!  I also promise to blog again sooner than a month from now!