Monday, April 18, 2022

An oxymoron?

 I figured that'd get your attention.  I'm really trying to be a better blogger so here I am posting again, although not a ton to mention.

Did you have a fun Easter?  Here in Central Oregon, spring takes forever to land.  It snowed every day last week!  It melted quickly but the temps were pretty much always in the 40s.

I showed you some scraps on my design wall and asked you to guess what they were going into... the answer?

A BAG.  I love making bags!  And I had decided to make two Hawaiian bags for two friends in Hawaii.  I've got one done.  In order to take a decent picture, I put it in the snow.  Hence the oxymoron... a hawaiian bag in the snow!!  VBG

They are all such fun fabrics!  I can't wait to show you the second one, which is almost done.  I'm afraid that the bag came out a little smaller than I'd wanted so next time I may have to use a different pattern.  Do you have a favorite bag pattern you like to use??

We had a beautiful sunset last week which I always enjoy.

Sadly, there's a local store in Bend that's going out of business and they reduced everything to 50% off.  I went last week when the discount was 40%!  I have my eye on a kit so I'm going to go tomorrow and be there when they open!!  Like I need more fabric, right??

Have a great week!!



  1. What a lovely bag you've made!! Great Hawaiian fabrics! Like any of us need more fabric, right? I keep on saying "no more buying" ..but somehow it doesn't work...the lure of new fabrics is impossible to ignore...hugs, Julierose

  2. Love your bag! Spring comes slowly in New England, too, but no snow here for several weeks and we are enjoying some days in the low 60’s. The “greening up” has started! I say, if you see beautiful fabric that you’re pretty sure you’ll use, buy it!!

  3. Cute bag. We had snow 3 days in a row. 4" that was still here for Easter Morning. Sad a shop is closing. Hope your kit is still there.

  4. Love your new bag. It's very beautiful and cheerful. I do have a favourite bag pattern but still love to try others. Bag making is fun. Maybe you should bag some snow and see what the Hawaiian people think of it. I can honestly say that we are snowless here finally. It has all melted and I changed my winter tires over the weekend. Guess what the weatherman is calling for tomorrow? Yes, 5cm of snow! Just great! Hopefully it will melt quickly.
    Sorry for the store closing. If it makes you happy to sew, if it makes you happy to give your quilts to needy or less fortunate, then by all means, buy more fabric. Life is short, be happy. Thanks for sharing that glorious sunset with us. Take care. ;^)

  5. Bags are not my favorite thing to stitch. But they're always super cute when done. Yours is perfect for summer.

  6. Fun fabrics in your Hawaiian themed bag. Do you think anyone in Hawaii makes bags with snow themed fabrics? ;)
    I haven't made a bag in so long, I can't recall what pattern I used, or if I liked it. But I sure like the bags you made for me and my Mom. Now that she has passed, I have her bag, too. One or the other of them go with me most places I go.
    The sunset is gorgeous!

  7. Oh my what a sunset!! I love this bag. I'm with Kyle, they are not my favorite thing to make. I prefer my quilting to be one dimensional. Just not that good at bag making! Kudos to you. Your friend will love the oxymoron!

  8. Enjoy the cool weather another hot summer is coming.