Thursday, January 29, 2015

A little shopping

Time to head back home to California! We had such a blast; it was sad to leave and especially so because Lori is stayng a couple more days. I need to get home to babysit tomorrow, which I'm very excited to do. Haven't seen the 3 darlings in 10 days! Not to mention my sweet husband Mark!! 

We had to make a quick stop at the amazing MaryJo's, which I visited many years ago the last time I flew through Charlotte. I didn't buy much, though. Per my dear friend Debbie Dodge, I don't need any more fabric. Since when is "need" part of the thought process??

Here's a glimpse of part of the shop:

Pretty vast and impressive. The prices are higher than they used to be but they are still cheaper than most quilt shops.  We all managed to do a little damage:

Look at this cheater hexie fabric I found (but didn't buy)

Once at the airport, I had t rest my feet as only a Southerner does:

I'll post pictures of my purchases over the weekend. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dipped in Chocolate

I participated in a swap a few years ago for a quilt called Dipped in Chocolate. It is basically a bazillion 4-patches. Remember when my package was seized by the post office as a perceived terrorist package?? This is the package!

I brought them with me to North Carolina as one of my projects...perfect for mindless sewing with friends who are laughing and telling stories!

This is just a small pile of them, which are 1-1/2" finished! The strips are 1-1/4".

I got a fairly light solid for the sashing. I was able to use Bonnie's Accuquilt to subcut the strips! Love that machine

It'll be cute when it's done and was perfect for this week's retreat. 

Back home tomorrow and babysitting Friday!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another deviation

I really am getting tired of 25-patch blocks and I'm feeling I need to use some fabrics from my stash so I'm taking a break from the project. I think I sewed about 45!! I am shooting for 72 so I'm more than half way there. 
Bonnie showed us a cute quilt she had seen recently so I decided to make one of the blocks. It's really an album block, which is a favorite of mine. 

I was using my 2-1/2" strips 

I started with a regular 9-patch and then added a light-red-light strip on each side along with a light square centered. 

Then it just needed to be squared up being sure there's a 1/4" seam left along each edge. 

Cute, Hunh?? It measures about 8 1/2" unfinished. 

I'm now going to work on another project I've wanted to do for a while. It's a quilt called Dipped In Chocolate with a gazillion 4-patch units that are very tiny. I'll show you that next. 
We are about to go for a walk through the very chilly North Carolina hills although we have nothing to complain about. No snow here. Hearts go out to everyone on the east coast. Be safe. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Variety is essential

I am the type of quilter who gets bored sewing the exact same project until completion so I needed a break from the 25-patch quilt. Unfortunately I didn't bring much fabric with me nor many projects. 
So being with the scrap quilter Queen of the world, I didn't have to look far for ideas for something to break up the monotony. Not only that but Bonnie has a great assortment of scraps to play with, of course!
She had made this block recently  for Quiltmaker (July/August 2012 issue) and it was sitting on the design wall, tempting me!

So I  decided to make my own sample block:
I did bring a bunch of reds so I was able to throw together these darling 9-patch blocks which will finish at 3". 
However I didn't bring any golds so I hunted in Bonnie's scraps and found a yellow:

On point, sisters next to each other:

Block measures 8" finished; the yellow/blue unit finished at 2x3; 9 patches are 3"

This was the view this morning from the front porch:

Back to the 25-patches

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Bonnie and I met up yesterday at the car rental place at Charlotte. We did a little running around and then picked up Lori after she flew in. After dinner on the road, we finally got to Bonnie's quilt villa! What a fabulous cabin in an amazing location. 
We sewed for part of the day and hiked in the afternoon. It was just the perfect day. 

This is my project: the 25 patch quilt
I have 25 done - lots more to do!

We are having such fun being together again! More to come!!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

So happy to meet up with Bonnie

Bonnie picked me up at the rental car place after I dropped off my rental car. We are going to get groceries for our week ahead while we wait for Lori's plane!! More to follow 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Retreat coming up

I have not mentioned yet the details about my upcoming retreat in North Carolina.  My dear friend Bonnie invited Lori (humble quilts) and I to come visit her at Quiltville during a break in her schedule this week.

I flew to North Carolina today after really agonizing over what sewing projects to bring along. I'm going to do a little furniture shopping until Lori arrives on Saturday and we all meet at the Charlotte airport. WOOHOO!!

I did decide on the 25-patch quilt, a kit which packed well and some paper piecing for a swap I'm in.

I'll post pictures on Saturday once we meet up.

Cannot wait!! I haven't seen Bonnie in too long.  And you know that we have been friends for over 15 yrs now, way before she became famous!!

Keep your eyes peeled...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quilts in unexpected places

I spent a few days in Sunriver this week and flew back through Portland. Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to find a small quilt show in the Alaska Airlines terminal!!
This might be my favorite because of the pieced background!

Even her dress is pieced! Here is a close up:

Here is an overview:

The other side of the corridor had modern quilts:
All these are interpretations of the bridges of Portland, of which there are many!

Finally home tonight in time to have the kids for the weekend! Woohoo!!
Sewing next week and retreat time... Details to follow!! Not going to wisconsin though!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

25-patch quilt and new toy

I'm home watching the 2 youngest grandkids this week so it's nana-heaven. I did manage to take a picture of the finished 25 patch quilt on my bed (taken just before little Jack peed while I was changing his diaper on my bed!! Vbg).
I counted 8x9 blocks with 2" fin sashing all borders

I think I told you that I gave it to our son since it is kind of masculine. He and his fiancĂ©e come over most weekends and leave it on his bed. As soon as they leave, I put it onto my bed. That's when I figured I need to make one for myself. I'm delighted to hear that some others are doing this quilt too! Please feel free to share the instructions I  wrote with your friends!!

It goes together super fast!!

Recently I decided I wanted a black 301 so I put out a message on the sewitsforsale website and was lucky enough to find one! My local sewing machine doctor fixed her up and she sews like a dream! My friend Claire loved using my tan one last summer so she volunteered to buy that one from me!! Whew!!

She's a beaut!!

More tomorrow after I have to return the two little darlings... :-(

We are having very unusual warm weather so the park was perfect yesterday!
And Emma loves to picnic on our deck:
Jack wants to walk in the worst way!

Can't forget Ryan