Sunday, April 28, 2019

Pam Buda mini (out of order)

I mentioned that I was working on the Pam Buda mini and jumped around a bit -- I decided to do 3 tiny courthouse steps blocks and I used Wendy Reed's potholder method of quilting.  The pattern is called "War and Peace".

I machine quilted each little block and then bound them separately--I then sewed the 3 blocks together.  I like how they turned out.

The back shows the pot holder method better since you can see the binding on all 3 sections.

I'm tempted to make some more of these blocks, sew them all together and I'll have a large enough small quilt to hang on the wall.

I finished the bag I wanted to make for the Hawaiia auction but I'm not happy with how it turned out -- I used a fusible "lining" that's too stiff so the bag doesn't relax enough to my liking.

It's fun to pick the variety of fabrics for the bag.  I'm sure no one will care but it bothered me.  I do like the fabrics and the coral lining (and I used mesh for the pockets, too).  Can you see that gorgeous bird?  I think I'm liking birds in quilts these days!

So I realized I have the materials to make a covered box using Mod Podge so I whipped up a box... covered an oval cardboard box using different Hawaiian prints.   I'm not great at it but this one came out better than the first one I did at Christmas! vbg
 I'll put both items into the auction.  It's a fundraiser for local kids in Kauai so whatever it brings in is a win, right?  I'll let you know how much I raised.

This one's theme was flip-flops!~ 

My doll quilt is in the mail heading to Maine.  Once it's received, I'll post a picture of the finished project.  I'm hoping she's happy with it. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Humble Quilts doll quilt swap

My friend Lori (humblequilts) organized another doll quilt swap this year (I think I got in just under the wire... or even after, truth be told).  Thank you, Lori!

I returned from the cabin last night to a most wonderful package-- I got an adorable Lori Smith doll quilt from Montana Weber in Minnesota.

I think I even have some of these fabrics.  I always love pink and brown together.  I'm very happy and can't wait to hang it on the wall.

I've been busy finishing up my doll quilt for mailing out to Maine.  I think it will be all complete and ready to go tomorrow.  just sewing down the binding.  I am excited to send this off but sad to see it go.  I have loved making this little quilt.

Here's just a corner with my very pedestrian quilting skills evident:

My Pam Buda project is done and I will post a picture this weekend.  I apologize for not having followed the rules (once again).  I didn't go in order--I skipped a few projects ahead and opted for the little 3 log cabin blocks.  My attempt at the potholder method of quilting didn't turn out half bad...

I need to whip up a bag to donate to an auction I always participate in--has to be done this weekend.  Better get cracking!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Moving along

I've been up at our cabin to check on my mom this week and was able to get a little sewing done.  Sadly her dementia is increasing and her placement in the memory care section seems more appropriate.  On the positive side, she's a healthy as a horse!  Hates her hair to look gray!  And wants to lose a little weight.  At 91 yrs old!  She's always been really skinny but gained a little weight since she's been fed three meals a day the past year! ;-)

I put the borders on this wool applique project;  this is the one which will have a gazillion tiny (1/2" fin) half square triangles.  This is the center which still needs a few more flowers.  I had to wait until the borders were on to sew down the flowers, which go into the border.

There are 12 wool applique blocks which circle around this center medallion.  There are also wool applique cornerstones throughout.  It'll be gorgeous when it's done--and I can have my favorite LAQ do her magic. 

Speaking of that, I picked up my latest finished project from her yesterday and she did a phenomenal job, as always.  This was the Cheri Payne top I had sitting around a few years waiting for a border.

You have to see close ups of the blocks to appreciate her work.  All the blocks were quilted differently.

I really appreciate her skill--I'm struggling to try to quilt the doll quilt I made for the Humble quilts swap.  Sandy gave me some ideas, which seemed so simple when she described them!

I've also been working on my Pam Buda mini for April.  It's almost done.  I tried Wendy Reed's potholder method of quilting the little blocks individually.  I only have one more binding to sew down and it'll be done.  Hopefully these two projects will be done this weekend, before the end of April!  TADA!!

Hope you're enjoying the spring!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Small steps...

I've gotten a little sewing since we returned from our little adventure trip last week to Tucson to visit friends. We did a lot of hiking, which was just beautiful.  They have a house with a gorgeous view over the Santa Catalina Mountains, and we thoroughly enjoyed the total change of scenery!

I blitzed on 28 blocks to exchange with a fellow blogger from the Circa 1880 quilt.  She is way ahead of me but it forced me to figure out a system for strip piecing.  Made a huge difference.  Hope she likes them!

And I started the blocks for the Cheddarback quilt as well.  

Because I was working on such small pieces for the Circa 1880 quilt, I have been starching like crazy, which I think makes a big difference.  I really like the center 6" block of this 12" block... I might make more of them.

Got one small one done, too:

I also finished the Temecula Quirky Little quiltalong and have almost decided on what I'm going to do with the finished little quilt... think Lori's doll quilt swap!  Just need to set them and do the quilting.  

And in between those projects, I have been sewing the teensy tiny half square triangles for the Primitive Gatherings project I've been working on forever;  I only have two more blocks that need the borders; then I can try to put to it together, although it still needs a zillion more hsts and a lot of wool applique for the corner stones.  WHEW.  It'll be great when done, I keep telling myself.

I have had the lucky opportunity this week to have our 5 yr old grandson (the youngest of my daughter's 3), who is almost always loathe to separate from his mom.  This week he had no choice (no school and no nanny!) and we've really enjoyed him.  He's a different boy without his siblings annoying and making his life difficult.  He's been having a great time.  I get the other two on Thursday for the weekend as well.  

Everyone loves Max and giving him hugs and taking him for walks is a big favorite for the kids.

Hope you are all doing well!

Sunday, April 7, 2019



DONITA.  Please send me your snail mail address.  If you get it to me today, I'll mail it later; otherwise, it'll have to wait until next week.. My dh and I are off for an adventure visiting friends in Tucson.

I did get my April mini (Wendy Reed, constantquilter, pay attention!!!  VBG) finished and bound.  Just need to write the label.  My friend and favorite machine quilter, Sandy Lachowski, did a most phenomenal job.  I'm going to show you some of her quilting.  There are cute flowers everywhere in the quilting!

There is even smoke coming out of the chimneys!  Sandy is awesome!

This was a Primitive Gatherings pattern from a couple of years ago called Happy Home.  I'm done with the quilt and would be happy to pass the pattern on to someone who loves doing wool applique.  Please let me know if you're interested in receiving it.  It's only 27x33

We had our grandkids this weekend and  I just have to share this picture with you.  Little Jack was playing with my Sharpies and decided to practice his writing on HIS ARM.  Fortunately I have some Norwex washcloths, which are the most amazing cloths for getting stubborn stains out.  A good scrub in the bath and it was gone.  But just too funny.  I think he was pretty proud, actually!  Another reason to keep an eye on the little ones all the time!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Quirky little quilts... at least I got something done and a GIVEAWAY

Well all I really have to show for this past week is a bunch of fun 9-patches for the Temecula Quilts quirky little quilts sewalong... quick and easy.

The instructions call for 5 blocks but I had fun using the leftovers and made some scrappy ones too.

Busy trying to plan my doll quilt... what fun!

How about a GIVEAWAY??
Send me a comment BY SATURDAY on what you're working on this week and I'll pick a lucky quilter to win a pattern for an adorable bag:
Sew Essential Carry All. I saw the bag done up in adorable Mickey Mouse fabric and just loved it!  I ordered two patterns by mistake
Be sure to send me your snail mail address, please.