Sunday, September 25, 2011

Packing is way over-rated

I'm leaving in the morning for my retreat in Wisconsin and am still in quite a frenzied state trying to figure out, not what clothes to bring, but WHAT PROJECTS TO WORK ON!!! I mean, it's the hardest decision to make. So much fabric, so many choices... Here is the pile I've put together to take, although I've still got one more project I want to pack (and decide on, too).

 Note of course Bonnie's book is on top, since I always refer to it for ideas.  And in the middle is a big bag filled with the Ocean Waves parts, which I AM GOING TO FINISH!!  There is also a large bag filled with orphan blocks, patterns and books I'm going to hopefully give away while there.  I'll be excited to show you my finished projects upon my return in a week.

Oh, and of course one of the very difficult parts of going away (aside from leaving my sweetheart of a husband) is that I won't be picking up my darling grandson Ryan this week, as I usually do.  Here is how he looked this week at the park, where we were blowing bubbles:

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

A felting we will go!

Happy Monday!! I have one more week before I leave on my fabulous Wisconsin retreat with some friends. I'm busy trying to plan my projects. I find deciding what to sew is the hardest part for me. So much fabric, so many choices. So last week, after reading a blog on minis, I decided I just needed to sit down and sew. And I did. I made a small top with 6" blocks. The colors don't look very true in the picture, unfortunately. I love the border fabric, which (if you look closely you will see what I mean) I did not have enough of for all 4 sides!! vbg.

And while we were driving back from Sunriver last weekend, rather than hexagons, I was finishing an old knitting project. I love making something out of wool and then felting it. So forgiving. (since I'm such a lousy knitter I need all the help I can get!!)  I found the most adorable buttons at a sewing/craft show last week. Isn't this adorable?? I can't wait to use it. In fact, I have an appt with my ob/gyn today (tomorrow will be worse---dentist appt!!) so I'm going to transfer my purse contents and use it today! Need to figure out a way to make the day exciting, right?? A new handbag! And aqua blue, too!!

Of course I think the colors are fabulous!

And, lest you think I forgot, here's last week's picture of my darling grandson, Ryan, at the park. He loves pushing the stroller into something to crash it! Such a sweet boy. I don't know what I'll do without him for the week of the retreat. UGH!! I don't think my daughter will let him come with me.

Hope everyone has a glorious Monday. We are enjoying fabulous weather and I may even head over to the beach with a book!! YEAH.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Another one bites the dust

I intended to get lots of sewing done during our week in Sunriver and I feel like I have done pretty well. One of the tops I finished was this one:

I'm pretty sure that I got these blocks from Bonnie many years ago when we were in her sewing room in Columbia, SC.  They've sat in my sewing room all this time, waiting to be set. I made a couple more in order to have enough.  I don't know if you can see the border fabric but it's an Asian print, which I've loved and could never figure out how to use.  I like how it came out.

I've also included Max in the picture, showing him just waiting for me to move so he could go back to his place ON TOP of the quilt, of course. Don't you just crack up when the animals have all the floor space in the house to lie down on but only choose the quilt tops or pieces on the floor?? 

We are heading back home tomorrow so hope everyone has a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Loving Central Oregon this time of year

Central Oregon is a beautiful area, for those of you who have never been.  It's full of very blue skies, pine trees, lots of greenery, plenty of deer, who are adorable as long as they aren't chomping on my plants!
I saw this guy yesterday on my walk:

They are usually in groups so it was odd that this one was all alone. We never tire of seeing the deer walking through the yard, especially because in California we live in such an urban environment.

Last night, Mark and I went down to an area which used to literally be a mill which they have transformed into an amphitheater and shopping area around the Deschutes River. We went to listen to a concert, all ready for our evening picnic: chairs, cooler, wine, food... We enjoyed a most amazing sunset over the Cascade Mountains with the Deschutes River in the forefront.

The music wasn't anything to get excited about but we had a lovely time. We don't buy tickets to get into the amphitheater!! We sit across the river and just listen. There were lots of others with us. We even made sure to sit on the grass in the golden retriever section, since we had Max with us!

This is what I finished up yesterday. It was a small pillow pattern I got from Lori a while ago, which I enlarged by putting setting triangles, which happen to be a toile from France, which I love.

The fabrics are that French General fabric which I love. The outer border is the newer Antique Fair, I think, from Moda, which I bought in Wisconsin. The pieces are kind of small...not a great picture.

Today's sewing project is to put together some orphan swap blocks, I think. Still not ready to tackle the ocean waves again yet!!

Hope you have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And she knits, too!

Happy September bloggers! Can't believe it's the end of summer. We are up in Sunriver enjoying the last vestiges of summer and closing up the house for the season. Next time we'll be back will be for Thanksgiving and we will be utilizing our snow blower for sure. ICK.
On my drive up, since my husband was driving, I knitted 2 pairs of fingerless gloves. These are such fun to wear and so quick and easy. I know I neglected my hexagons, but it's good to be diversified, right? vbg

My first sewing project upon arriving was to put together 4" churn dash blocks I received in a recent swap. I just decided to get it done. I bought fabric while in Wisconsin on the anniversary trip and am actually using it. All I'm adding is a 3 or 4" blue border to float the top. It's not large but I like it. I think it's cute. Will make a great wall hanging.

And, of course, just before I left, I spent the night at my daughter's and took Ryan to the car wash in the morning. Here he was redecorating their waiting room furniture, carrying the little chairs in and out. It was too cute.

Have a great week. I'll be posting more this week as I've got time to sew. and WALK...already went out for a 5 miles run/walk with Max. WOOHOO!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Antique quilts from Sisters

Every year, my dear friends Bonnie and Lori come to my house in Sunriver for a week of sewing around the time of the Sisters Quilt Show in July.  Part of our routine includes heading into Sisters really early on the day of the show to check out our favorite antique booth for bargains.  I am usually able to find one or two quilts and this year was a big success for me. I bought a couple of tops, although ironically 2 of them were hexagons! Did I tell you that I started a hexagon quilt last fall? I know it's very out of character for me to be hand piecing a hexagon quilt (or any quilt, for that matter), but that's for another blog post. VBG

My bed is perfect for showcasing quilts.  Aren't they fabulous! Problem is I'm running out of beds to put them on~~ I think the yellow one is my favorite.

I'm off to pick up the darling grandson today for our weekly trip to a park/playground and the car wash in the morning, of course! Oh, I haven't fixed the pj lady's tattered shirt yet, either, btw!! And, no, I'm not going to do her pillow cases. I can establish boundaries once in a while!