Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Loving Central Oregon this time of year

Central Oregon is a beautiful area, for those of you who have never been.  It's full of very blue skies, pine trees, lots of greenery, plenty of deer, who are adorable as long as they aren't chomping on my plants!
I saw this guy yesterday on my walk:

They are usually in groups so it was odd that this one was all alone. We never tire of seeing the deer walking through the yard, especially because in California we live in such an urban environment.

Last night, Mark and I went down to an area which used to literally be a mill which they have transformed into an amphitheater and shopping area around the Deschutes River. We went to listen to a concert, all ready for our evening picnic: chairs, cooler, wine, food... We enjoyed a most amazing sunset over the Cascade Mountains with the Deschutes River in the forefront.

The music wasn't anything to get excited about but we had a lovely time. We don't buy tickets to get into the amphitheater!! We sit across the river and just listen. There were lots of others with us. We even made sure to sit on the grass in the golden retriever section, since we had Max with us!

This is what I finished up yesterday. It was a small pillow pattern I got from Lori a while ago, which I enlarged by putting setting triangles, which happen to be a toile from France, which I love.

The fabrics are that French General fabric which I love. The outer border is the newer Antique Fair, I think, from Moda, which I bought in Wisconsin. The pieces are kind of small...not a great picture.

Today's sewing project is to put together some orphan swap blocks, I think. Still not ready to tackle the ocean waves again yet!!

Hope you have a great Wednesday.


  1. Gorgeous sunset! Isn't nature amazing? Love the deer. We actually saw some on the drive to our hike, but they were too fast for my camera.
    I love outdoor concerts and we often enjoy them from the fringes, as well.
    Your little quilt is a beauty. Very nice finish.

  2. I love seeing the pictures! Not quite as good as being there with you, but nice to see what you are seeing. You are getting a lot of piecing done too!

    Enjoy the rest of your week....Today the chest feels better but my throat is on fire and I have no I'm talking via type!


  3. Your piecing looks perfect. Love that French General fabric too.
    The photo of the sunset is just beautiful. Sounds like a nice relaxing evening. We have deer around here too. Always makes me smile to see one.

  4. It has been a lovely week and I'm glad you are able to enjoy it.
    Your quilt top is perfect!! The border fabric turned out to fit the center like it was planned.

  5. I lived a couple of hours north of you for a few years and the sunsets are spectacular there. Hot days and cool nights at this time of year!