Monday, February 29, 2016

Circa 2016 and quilt show pictures

I'm really trying to keep current with the new Circa 2016 quilt from Temecula Quilts so when Claire came over to sew today, they were first on my list. Of course I had to make an extra broken dishes block since they changed the requirements!!

I love this blue which I got at JJ Stitches

Then I finished some appliqué for the 1857 project:

I ran out of the Kona snow so I'm stuck waiting for my delivery from Whittle's (thank you, DarLynn!) at only $5/yd!

I went to the local guild's show yesterday and saw a number of inspiring quilts. 

Isn't this a great use of hexies?  Very cute

This is Claire's quilt. I love it!!

I think this is a great use of homespuns!

We had the kids this weekend and had a very busy couple of days!
The little car that Emma is playing with is from my 28 yr old son's Chevron car collection. Remember those??

Thomas the Train is Jack's favorite!

Ryan will soon have his training wheels off. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Westerns Women block 2, sort of

Well I was very excited to make the second block in the new Barbara Brackman series. I pulled fabrics and was very happy sewing on my newly repaired Bernina (more on that later). 

Imagine my surprise when I looked at my block on the design wall and saw this version of the block!!

I will probably fix it although I do like things to be a little mixed up once in a while. And I hate unsewing!!

I mostly finished putting together my stars in a time warp. I just need to add the borders. 

As for my Bernina, I had a problem with the feed dogs--they stopped moving!!  I brought it to two people to fix it and was relieved when the second one said it needed lubrication in a hard to reach place. Whew!!

What was helpful was the information the repairman gave me:  he told me to change my needle after 8 hrs of sewing (I used to do it after 3 bobbins). The biggest surprise was that he said to oil the machine when it was hot, after using it for a while!! Did you know that??

Now for the laugh of the day:
My 6 yr old grandson and I were talking in the car yesterday. Somehow the subject of my age came up and I told him how old I am (65).  His reply was:
You might die soon, Nana!!
Very cute!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Other finished projects

I want to show you what some of the others finished up. You'll see why I feel like I could use some sewing lessons!!

This is Debbie's work! She does the most incredible appliqué!! LeAnn is helping her hold it up for my picture!

And I took a photo of a row from a project she's doing based on a Lori Smith design:

Here's Peggy's finished top from the swap we did last year:

Isn't the fabric fabulous??!!

I love this little one that Micki made. Simple but so striking!

Micki has been working on this adorable top. I love the truck!!

This is the Cotton Club quilt that Terri made. I had mine done a couple of years ago, which is a first-- me finishing before Terri!! Aren't the fabrics gorgeous??

This is another top that Terri made using a layer cake. Love it!!

My friend Bonnie made this pin cushion for Debbie and I just loved it. It might've come home with me except that I know Debbie would've missed it. So does anyone have the pattern?? Bonnie said she made it from a book but she couldn't remember which one. I'd really appreciate knowing which book it came from. You let me know and I'll send you a PRIZE!!!vbg

Using the live option on my phone camera makes the guy's head bob up and down!! Too funny!!

I am heading back home today. Happy to see my dh who puts up with my frequent jaunts to Wisconsin!! Check out this sunset over Lake Delavan, where we usually go for fish fry on Friday night

Oh and a trip to Wisconsin wouldn't be complete without a picture of the typical scenery!! I love it!!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Retreat time and an X-rated fabric!!

I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends who all love to quilt. Yes, I do need to fly 2,000 miles to be with them. But it's worth it!!  I always get so much done and have such a great time. I feel blessed!! ❤️❤️

We started our retreat time with a visit to JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie, the cutest little town near Madison. I started in the sale rack, looking for backing!

Such gorgeous fabrics!!!

Look at this fabric I spotted: made to look like selvages;

My first project was the Circa 2016. Needed to put my blocks together.  Don't want to fall behind!!
So cute!!

I also made the newest little block!
One 3" block per week is right about my speed!!!

Then I assembled a little baby quilt using cheater cloth and a kit I bought at Expo last fall. Adorable!!

My next project was a donation quilt for an auction.  I love how it turned out, even though I wasn't able to line up the "postcards" perfectly!! I'm just not that precise of a sewer!!!

I just love the fabrics!  Look at this backing I found:

Now for the x-rated part!! I found this adorable fabric of Santa on the beach last time I was in Hawaii. I thought it was adorable. I started this quilt last month when I was here in Wisconsin but hadn't looked very closely at this particular fabric. 

You've got to look at this Santa very closely. OMG!! My friends all saw the problem way before I did!! 

I took it out, by the way. Vbg

That's your  laugh for the day, girls!!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Our winner and bright blocks

The winner is Rebecca!! I love the idea she had to add borders to my special fabric!!  I struggled with the idea of cutting it into strips but couldn't decide on what blocks I would use. 

Speaking of blocks, I pulled out another ufo last week and started making fun, bright blocks for the Under the Big Top swap my friends did. I think Lori did a sew along on it. I'm only a couple of years behind!!! Vbg

Here is the block I made originally before the swap--- boring!!
Well I think the center is dull.  

So I pulled some brights and my go-to  source for blocks, "Around the Block" and came up with these centers!  Aren't they fun??

I'm off to Wisconsin on Wednesday so should have lots of pictures to share. 

I have to show you the little princess getting her nails done when I was getting a pedicure. She's all of 3-1/2 and picked out her pink polish!!

Little Miss Emma!!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lesson for the day and a CONTEST

I'm getting my projects together to ship to Wisconsin for my retreat time next week and was truly stumped. I just didn't know what I felt like working on. More like which UFO was calling my name the loudest!  And there were quilt a few. 

I finally decided on a pink and brown quilt I saw in Houston maybe 15 yrs ago. That's an old UFO. 

I've been working on it little by little. There's the lesson for today!!  Finish what you start, especially if you're almost done!!

This is what I found:

That box also had all my border fabrics!

At least they're labeled, thanks to Diane Quale!!  So I'm going to wade through the mess, press the scraps and pack it up to ship today. Hopefully I can figure out where I left off. Probably would've taken less time to just have finished it last time!  Ugh

Now I have a question for you: what would you make with this fabulous toile-type fabric??  My dear friend Will gave this to me when I saw her in Decrmber and I'm struggling. 

The best idea will get a prize!! I'll draw on Monday. Be sure to include your email address. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Q is for quilt

I picked up my 6 yr old grandson yesterday after kindergarten and he had one of my quilts in his backpack. He told me it was for show n tell. 

Today I took him to school and helped in the class. His teacher actually told me that yesterday was Q day and the kids were to bring a Q item to share. Ryan was very proud of the quilt!!  I thought that was just adorable. 

We left early for school so we stopped for a morning snack:
I am a bad nana! Cake pops before school!!! Vbg

On a quilt front, I made the second block for the 1857 Album Quilt. Thank you, Lori, for reminding me that it's ok to machine appliqué!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Circa 2016 and a little appliqué

I'm trying to stay up to date with this weekly project from Temecula quilts.This week's assignment was to make 28 hourglass blocks!!

I am sorry to admit that I couldn't get the measurement right on the companion angle ruler so I made them how I always do: I made half square triangles, put two together with the opposite fabrics matching and sewed on both sides of the diagonal line. Then squared them up since they were too large!! Better big than too small is my motto!!

Two pairs:

And then I decided to actually do a little appliqué, remembering that I can sew the pieces down by machine!! Duh!!

This is the first block in the 1857 Album Quilt. I'm just a bit behind!!

Did I mention that my Brrnina 1130 started having issues after I made that great bag?? Ugh!! That'll teach me! 

 The feed dogs stopped feeding the fabric!  I took it to my mechanic and the machine then worked. Took it home and was able to sew for 5 minutes before it did the same thing again. You know where this is going, right??!!  
Took it in yesterday and it worked. My friend Bonnie suggested it stops when it gets heated up.  Grrrrr
I am going to try a Bernina shop tomorrow and see what they have to say!! Ever heard of this?? No, the feed dogs are not down!! And yes, the machine otherwise works.  

It's my favorite every day machine so I'm now using my gorgeous black 301, which may have sabotaged the whole thing!!  I'll keep you posted!