Monday, February 15, 2016

Our winner and bright blocks

The winner is Rebecca!! I love the idea she had to add borders to my special fabric!!  I struggled with the idea of cutting it into strips but couldn't decide on what blocks I would use. 

Speaking of blocks, I pulled out another ufo last week and started making fun, bright blocks for the Under the Big Top swap my friends did. I think Lori did a sew along on it. I'm only a couple of years behind!!! Vbg

Here is the block I made originally before the swap--- boring!!
Well I think the center is dull.  

So I pulled some brights and my go-to  source for blocks, "Around the Block" and came up with these centers!  Aren't they fun??

I'm off to Wisconsin on Wednesday so should have lots of pictures to share. 

I have to show you the little princess getting her nails done when I was getting a pedicure. She's all of 3-1/2 and picked out her pink polish!!

Little Miss Emma!!


  1. I like your block in the top photo!!

  2. Congrats to Rebecca !
    And little Emma is so cute !

  3. The top block is NOT boring, Randy! But you new ones definitely have more pizzazz. : )
    Enjoy your retreat and safe travels.
    Cute little princess. Very sweet photo--she looks so pleased.

  4. I am in agreement with Lori, I also like the top block, the others however, may be showing your wild side...vbg. Can't wait until you get. Little Emma is just adorable.

  5. I love the top block, and I don't think its boring! I'm with you - only made one block, but really want to make this quilt. Must get with it!!!