Sunday, May 16, 2021

Color me RED

 The worst part about going on a plane trip these days is having to wear a mask for hours on end.  Of course it's necessary and I am not unhappy that everyone is wearing a mask.  Makes me feel pretty darn safe, even if I've had my vaccines.

Hawaii was amazing;  weather was beautiful and warm and I did get to enjoy the beach and ocean many times.  We had a wonderful time.  It had been a long time since we were on vacation and away from our home.

I had lots of plane time and had found a Netflix show I really enjoyed so I put on my earbuds and sewed away while watching Wentworth, which is about a women's prison and the "residents".  I find it very interesting but it's probably because that's who I represented for 25 years.

Anyway, I got two more blocks done!

I haven't washed out the markers yet, which is why they are still there.  I also had limited threads with me so the stitching may show a bit.

I haven't yet decided what I'm going to put at the ends of each vine.  I'm not sure I like them without something to finish them.

We had three of our grandkids for the weekend and I have to share a couple of darling pictures.  I know not everyone enjoys family photos and I apologize for gushing but some pictures are definitely worth sharing!

The little one in the middle is 4 and we are going to miss him because my son and his family bought a house in Virginia, where they are moving this week.

I figured I'll be taking lots of plane trips to the East Coast, starting this week when I will stay with them for two weeks to help them get moved in;  my son's wife is due to have a baby in a month so she'll be able to hopefully take it a little easy while I'm there.

Hope you are all well.  I have a few smaller projects to share, which I'll post this next week.  Stay safe! 

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Color me colorful and on VACATION

 My dh and I traveled this week to Kauai for a little vacation time at long last and during the lengthy flight I watched a downloaded Netflix show and got another one of my sprigs blocks finished!  Going on vacation on a plane was pretty weird after so long of NOT traveling.  Wearing a mask for 6 hrs wasn't fun but was worth it!

Can you see that little hibiscus flower at the bottom?  Hawaii has such beautiful colors!  We went out to dinner and had a visitor at our table, also very colorful.

And, of course the views are incredible.

Hope you're having a great week. 

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Latest mini and baskets galore

 I did actually finish my monthly mini ON TIME (miracles do happen) but haven't had a chance to post the picture.

I think the back is almost more interesting.  I love pieced backs--it uses up extra fabric and I can throw in some orphan blocks!  

Great progress is being made on my wool applique (NOT).  I labored to trace the pattern onto a vinyl overlay and fused most of the pieces in place.  I had to roll of the sides in order to work on the center while driving back to California the other day.  In hindsight I think I would've rather cut the center smaller and added the borders.  So what if there's an extra seam??  This is huge because it includes the border, waiting to be attached.

I figure a couple more long road trips and I'll have the center done.

I showed you some baskets I started.  I've been working on them and sad to say, they aren't turning out exactly the right 4" fin size.  I have a pile of "rejects" and a separate pile of "useable"!!

These are useable.  My friend requested "brights" so she's getting very bright!  There are three of us doing this mini-swap and I'm enjoying it.  I can't wait to give them out IN PERSON!  (more on this in another post)

Here are the ones with the corners cut off! ;-). I think if I keep the handles skinnier and not as wide, it works better.  Also, the instructions say 1-7/8" for the bottom of the basket.  My habit is to round up to 2".  That doesn't work with these.

They definitely have that 'home-made' look, don't you think?? VBG

I also sewed down the border on my medallion quilt that was a group project early on during Covid.  It's one of my favorite quilts, I think

Central Oregon takes a while to warm up and spring is slow to arrive.  We woke up to this view the other day!

That odd "tree" in the left corner is my clothes line!  They aren't permitted so I have a "cheater" that I put up when needed.  The cover comes off and the line opens up much as an umbrella does.  It's a great device and I love it.  It was a little disconcerting a few weeks ago when I wanted to set it up (love drying my sheets outside!) and the hole for the pole was FILLED WITH ICE!!  Gotta love winter!

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful spring, getting vaccinated and still staying safe!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

A tisket, a tasket...

 Hope everyone is well and getting vaccinated!!  Here in Oregon, the vaccine is readily available.

I've gotten a little sewing done but not a whole lot.  I decided to do some circles appliqued onto 5" squares.  Great idea.  But note to self:  be sure you move your finished pieces from the cutting table when cutting!  It sure was cute! ;-(

Did you see that Temecula Quilts published a cute little basket quilt pattern?  I had to give it a try!  They are 4" fin and are just as cute as can be!

I went for a hike this weekend with a group of people and dogs were allowed--there were about 8 people and -- 18 dogs!!!  This was the view along the way!  Never tire of seeing the Cascades covered in snow.

Hope you are having a great week!

Saturday, April 3, 2021

March Mini-ness

 I am not a follower of NCAA basketball so couldn't get worked up about March Madness so mine is called Mini-ness!

I had decided that I was going to make a table-topper for my nightstand but I honestly love this too much to have it covered by my clock, my magazines, my books etc.  It's going on the wall!

For the back, I used some cheater cloth, although from a distance, I can see that it would've looked more balanced if I'd centered it. Oh well... done is better than perfect! And I'm happy to have used up some more fabric!

My new header is a picture of one of my flowering cherry trees.  We got back to California just in time to see them blooming.  I also was lucky enough to be able to enjoy my lilacs, which bloom for such a short time.  I love the scent of them and put them into vases all over the house.

We are heading back to Oregon tomorrow after spending 10 days in California.  We got to have some of the grandkids stay overnight, which has been great fun!

I didn't get all the appliqué prepped for the drive back because it's huge (38" square) and I have been having a lot of trouble transferring the pattern onto the vinyl overlay and then laying the pieces down onto the background.  I will get as far as a I can get and figure out a better way for the next trip back to California.

Have a great Easter!

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Spring has arrived... YEAH!

 What a difference a few weeks make.  Two weeks ago, on my way to my second vaccine, it was snowing like crazy and my dh had to plow the driveway for me to get out.  Today it's 60*!  I'm not complaining.

We drove back to California for a short visit and I got my last regular block finished;  I now need to prep  for the drive back to Oregon... HUGE endeavor!!

I have always said I'm a very imperfect appliqué-er.  You will agree if you look and see my circle is more oval!  I have come to believe that perfect isn't my thing!  Done is better than perfect, right??

I did however, finish my circles project for the sewalong that's being hosted by Céçile and Corinne this year.  This was made using the pot holder method exemplified by Wendy Reed (constant quilter) so each block was individually quilted and separately bound.  The arcs/spikes were paper pieced.

This was originally going to be an enormous quilt I started with a group of friends maybe 8 years ago.  We swapped fabrics for the quarter circles, the arcs and the 4 triangular pieces that are around the center squares.  Custom dies were made by Accuquilt so I didn't have to cut each one!~. I am thinking I'll make more blocks since I have all the pieces.  Possibly.!

I also decided to work on the new Barbara Brackman monthly sewalong and I got 3 blocks done to catch up.  I had recently purchased a pile of pinks and had gotten a bunch of purples from Maine (A busy Thimble!), both of which were waiting to be put away.  So that determined my color theme!  Note the fussy cut bird in the center here--from DiFord's fabric line.  LOVE it.  I've also been collecting backgrounds with writing so I used some of that.  FUN

I LOVE that pink fabric which has birds, if you look closely.

Fortunately they are only one a month!  I think I can keep up with that!

I took Zeke for a hike here in California yesterday to a new preserve.  This was one of the views along the way.

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend.  Tonight is the first of Passover.  None of my friends are doing the usual large seders so my dh and I are going to hold our own very minimal seder.  Of course eating is a big part of this so I made chicken soup with matzoh balls (one of my favorites) and charoset (which is a mixture of apples, nuts, wine, dried fruit), which I always fill up on.

A shout out has to go to my dear friend Claire who has been our family's hostess for our seder for as long as I can remember.  This year she's going to a family member's house instead rather than deal with it at her house.  We will miss her family this year and hope for next year's seder with them all.

Take care.  Get vaccinated, if you can.  Stay safe!  Mask up...

Enjoy life!!



Sunday, March 14, 2021

Moving right along!

 We drove back to California last week to check on our house and see our grandkids.  It gives me lots of time to do handwork in the car while my dh does the driving.  We listen to Audible books and the time flies by!  Of course the fact that my dh doesn't talk during the car rides makes it much more enjoyable!! VBG

I got two more blocks done on my curves quilt.  But horrors of horrors-- I am missing one block!  OY.  It was all prepped for sewing down the binding and it disappeared.  Here is my progress:

There are 16 blocks in total so I have another row to add on. And make up for the missing block.

I also got a fair amount done on my last block for the Twilight Garden project!  Then the really hard part begins!  The borders are very detailed as is the center block.  But I'm moving along so I'm pleased!  This block needs its berries!!

I also went to the local quilt store yesterday that had their sale fabrics 15% off so of course I had to buy some more fabric.

The sewing machine and tape measure fabric will be fun!  The pandas will be a backing since it was only $6 less 15% so I was able to snag nearly 6 yds!  I love getting bargains for backing fabrics!

The weather was beautiful on Friday and I went on a hike with a group to a gorgeous area I'd not visited before.  It's a huge canyon with a river down below.

I even took Zeke along and there was another dog who looked just l like him.  They got along very well so it was a success.  He's now had all his shots so he can be around other pooches.  And start his training!

I'm hoping for lots of sewing this week.  I get my second vaccine on Thursday so am preparing for a quiet Friday.  YEAH!

Have a great, safe week!