Monday, July 15, 2019

Sisters Quilt Show and a WINNER

Let me first tell you that Marsha B. is the winner of the 8th year blog-iversary so please send me your snail mail address and I'll whisk off your winnings.  Thank you to everyone who posted such sweet and kind comments.

This past weekend was the annual Sisters Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon.  It's a really quaint town (the population has soared from  700  a few years ago to all of 2,000 now) about 20 miles from Bend.  There are all of two main streets in the town, which are closed off during quilt show.  There are constantly different events in the town (little Emma would love the rodeo, for instance~) but I think the Quilt Show brings in the largest crowd. The newspaper says 10,000 people show up!

One of my favorite parts of the show is seeing the employee challenge from The Stitchin Post (the store which is the main sponsor of the show).  Sadly the trees have grown so tall it's hard to see the quilts;  they are also hung too high up to see them well.

I spent the day looking at the quilts with my friend Sandy Lachowski, who is the most fabulous machine quilter around.  In fact, she did so many of the quilts in the show, we spent a lot of time looking at her work.  Also, she knows a lot of quilters so we were frequently stopped by quilters wanting to thank her.  It was great because she gave me a different perspective on looking at the quilts...she looks at the quilting;  I look at the piecing.

This is what we saw FIRST on walking into town!

Not very quilt related but so fun.  Someone hung a small pair of jeans from his mouth later in the day!

Another of my favorite spots in the show is the teacher's tent, where the teachers display quilts that were the models for their classes.  I think they also show quilts they've made.  There were a lot of Tula Pink quilts.  In fact, I'd have to say that this year the show seemed more modern than usual.  Still fun.

Tula Pink and Sarah Felke were paired together, selling their books.  Sarah had two quilts made with the same pattern but different fabrics.  I love seeing that.

Sue Spargo usually teaches and does  incredible applique and thread-work.

I'm going to show you the close up of this quilt first;  it's a Tula Pink and I just love her fabrics.  When you see the whole quilt, you'll be surprised.

Great use of colors, I think, even if you don't want to sew with modern fabrics.

This is another Sarah Felke quilt which I thought was so sweet.

Loved these stars in different sizes:

Keep in mind that the town of Sisters displays the quilts from the roofs/gutters of buildings, held up with clothes pins.  There are two main streets but the quilts are everywhere!

My favorite all day?  I'd have to say this feathered star creation was the most amazing.  The machine quilting was equally spectacular.

You may not be able to tell that the corners around the center star were sewn entirely by machine;  you can't see the tiny crystals that were put on as well as the sparkly thread.  of course I happen to think that a feathered star is one of the most beautiful blocks so I guess I'm biased.  Isn't this fabulous?

This was a spool quilt, and I loved the way it was pieced and the arrangement of colors was fabulous as well.

This little label was on the back of one quilt, which I thought was so sweet.  You will now understand why I was there all day, carefully looking at quilts, piecing, quilting, and even labels!

We loved this applique quilt:

This was another favorite of ours.  The fact that my friend Sandy was the machine quilter didn't influence us! vbg

If you enlarge this, you might be able to see some of her quilting.  She really is amazing.

I picked up two quilts that she quilted for me and I'll show them to you later this week.

There were a lot of Jen Kingwell quilts, especially Long Time Gone.  Each year, there seems to be a theme and her quilts were probably more prevalent than other themes this year (one year every other quilt was a stack n whack, for instance).  This was Midnight at the Oasis, but there were many of her quilts all over the town.

There are many little shops in Sisters;  this one was selling really cute framed words using pieced license plates!

What is so fun about the show is that two people will take pictures of entirely different quilts.  If you read Lori's blog (humblequilts), you'll see that she posted different quilts.

That reminds me:  the quilt shop Quiltworks, where I always go to see a quilt show each month, sent an email this morning (after the deluge of quilt show quilters!) that they are closing next month.  So very sad.  I'm happy to have shopped there regularly and tried to support Marilyn's business.

I realized I never did show you quilts from the Shelburne, during my trip to Vermont.  I'll do that later this week.

Many comments about blogs in general mentioned that they like hearing about books and recipes.  I want to share a book I've loved and chose for my bookgroup to discuss next week.  Do any of you listen to books via  One of my favorite things!  Before I was a lawyer, I was an English teacher, so I love to read.  And listening to books while I drive here and there is a big treat.

Anyway, the book is "The Storyteller's Secret" by Sejal Badani.  I read it and loved it.  We listened to it on the drive back to California yesterday and my husband was so engrossed in the story, he completely missed our exit off the freeway!  I can't recommend it enough.

I promise to post more this week and next, since I don't have any grandkids staying with me.  ;-(

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Vermont purchases and July's Pam Buda!!

Thanks to all of you out there in blogland for such kind comments on my blog-iversary!  I'll draw a winner tomorrow!  Nice to know that there are real people at the other end of the computer!  I feel very blessed!  Now to blogging material!

There were some wonderful vendors at the Vermont quilt show and it's always so interesting to me to see the difference in vendors from show to show, especially between the West and East coasts.

I didn't spend a ton of money but I did drop a bit of moola on some fun and very essential things:

Nope.  It's not a bird.  It's a spritzer which I filled with Best Press.  The mist that comes out is amazing!

Just in case you're tempted.  Let me tell you that it is amazing!  I suppose I could use it on my hair (after I removed the Best Press, of course).

So this is a pressing table but it sits on a lazy susan and turns completely around.  I saw this on my way out the door, to the airport, and just grabbed it.  I like it.  I also think the fabric is adorable!

I didn't get this in Vermont but it is a new purchase and I think it's adorable.  I ordered it from Millie P's quilt shop.

Today is my first and only day of sewing while at the cabin.  I finished up the July Pam Buda project (well, it needs quilting but that won't take too long).  I'm not sure if this is the next one in line, but I figured it'd work.  Right, Wendy Reed (constantquilter)???  And I just saw that I made a mistake attaching one row of flying geese.  GRRRR.  Good thing it's not quilted yet.  I will correct it since it's an easy fix.

I did have a couple of pinwheels on my design wall from a prior project and decided to use them!  I didn't have my usual tools for making the flying geese so I used the Deb Tucker's Wing Clipper ruler ( and they came out fine and almost perfect.  I like the ruler for squaring up the little guys, too.

I also started working on the July cheddarback  (Sentimental Stitches) blocks and got through 3 of them and came to a screeching halt when it came to the  5" house (YIKES) and the 12" block.

I also finally finished the child's donation quilt I've been working on using that mosaic pattern.  I really like the pattern and it goes together so quickly and painlessly!

Central Oregon has a tour of homes each year at this time where builders show their new homes all over the area.  I went last night to a preview and just loved the tile in one of the bathrooms:

I'd probably take very long showers examining all the blocks!

I want to apologize to my friend Lori DeJarnatt (humblequilts) for not  having included her quilt in my previous post of quilts at the shop Quiltworks.  It was really crowded and I failed to see it.  It was a great quilt and she always does such beautiful work.  I'm sure you've seen her quilt posted elsewhere.

Quilt show is Saturday in Sisters and of course it's getting hot in Bend!!  I'll probably post something before the show and then will inundate you with quilt show pictures. VBG

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

8th Anniversary of my blog! -- GIVEAWAY

Janet O. reminded me recently that I am coming up on my 8th year anniversary of my blog.  How can that be possible??

Anyway, in honor of your continued devotion and commitment to me, I'm going to offer a giveaway.  Please leave me a message as to what you like to read in a blog and I'll pick a winner on Friday, July 12th---just in time for the quilt show in Sisters on Saturday!! Be sure to include your email address, please!!  My giveaway will be a SURPRISE but you won't be disappointed!

Today I went to a local quilt store in Bend, now that all the family is gone.  Quiltworks is one of my favorite shops.  I especially love that they always have a small little show in their upstairs balcony.  This month's didn't disappoint!

I especially loved this quilt because the blocks were made using Kaffe Fassett fabrics so it was very bright!

This one was very traditional but very striking!  I also loved the quilting, especially because my friend, Sandy Lachowski, did the fabulous quilting.  As an aside, she and I are pairing up for the show in Sisters on Saturday!  WOOHOO.  I'll get a professional quilter's perspective on all the quilting!  Stay tuned.

I love these samplers where the blocks are different sizes!

This one was totally different  but brought a real smile to my face!  

In another vein, we bought kayaks this past winter and I've taken every chance I can get to go out kayaking on the rivers and lakes nearby.  Yesterday I went with a friend to Hosmer Lake, which is one of the lakes along the Cascade Lakes Highway (one of my absolute favorite areas up in the Bend area!).  This is the South Sister, part of the Cascade mountains.  I hiked just around it last fall.  Spectacular!

And since we are on a travelogue, let me show you the sunset from our cabin the other night.  Just spectacular!  That is Mt. Bachelor in the distance.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

June mini and more Vermont pictures

First, let me share a picture of the four of us together at the Vermont quilt show.  The picture was on Barb's camera and I needed to get it from her before I could save it and post it.  This is Wendy, Barb, Claire and I on our lunch break!  We sure had a fun time.  

Speaking of Wendy Reed (constantquilter), let me share some of the photos I took in her sewing room.  Here is a box with one of her projects in process!  Note that they are all done using her potholder method and are all hand-quilted!  Gorgeous! Also don't miss one of her many ribbons in the background!!

Here are her string blocks for Lori's challenge.
I love how she used scrap blocks for her center line in the blocks.  Aren't they awesome??!!

This is a quilt she made as a challenge with a friend of hers:  they each had the same LOUD background fabric and challenged each other to make a quilt:

Here's a close-up where you can see Wendy's hand quilting and her beautiful appliqué up close.

Claire and I stopped at Keepsake Quilting on our way to Burlington and I felt that I had to share the wall of rulers!!  I've never seen so many rulers!

I finished my June mini in June but never got a chance to post a picture.  I also want to share some more pictures from my trip to Vermont.

This is an Amish quilt that I made many years ago and even hand-quilted it in purple thread.  I found it in a pile awaiting the binding!  Lesson learned:  don't leave something that's almost finished to be completed at a later date.  Get 'er done!!

I still have more show pictures to share as well as quilts from the Shelburne Museum.  

All our family and friends are leaving our cabin tomorrow so I'm expecting that I'll do lots of sewing to compensate for the great kid company we've had all week.  Hope you had a great 4th.  I have to share a couple of pictures from the 4th of July in Bend.

They have a pet parade every year where people display their pets (and I mean all kinds of pets...dogs, pigs, snakes, roosters and horses!)

Our 7 yr old granddaughter has been going to a horseback riding camp the past two summers here in Bend and the camp participated in the parade so she got to be in the parade on her horse!  That's a big deal for a girl who has been raised in San Francisco!