Sunday, February 28, 2021

Where did the month go?

I honestly can’t believe it’s March already. The greatest significance to me is that it marks the one year anniversary that we’ve been “sheltering in place”!  We left California on March 16.  What a year it’s been. Right?  Are you all marking the one year since the pandemic began?  The good news is that I got my first vaccine!  The one time it pays to be older , right?!  Vbg

I’ve done some sewing that I’m happy to share.  This is my curves quilt for the Céçille et Corinne sew along.  I’m sewing the blocks together using the potholder method (a la Wendy Reed). It goes pretty slowly but I’m liking the project so far 

I was able to finish another block in the Twilight Garden project.  One more regular block and I will start on the center and borders!

I will finish my February mini in the next couple of days!  I’m making a table topper for my night stand.  

The great news is that I got my first vaccine on Friday!

It was a very snowy. so I’m totally bundled up. 

We’ve had a lot of snow the past couple of weeks and our puppy Zeke loves the snow. But this is what happens when he goes out. Snowballs up and down his legs!
I read that a whisk is best to get these off!  Really!

Take care everyone!

Friday, February 5, 2021

Some progress

 We have been in California to visit our grandkids this past week so not much sewing going on but I did do some handsewing on the 8 hr drive. 

I finished another one of these sprigs and stars blocks. I have to rinse off the markings which I use for placement  

I’ve also been working on the curved blocks for the Cecile sew along. I have all the blocks sewn but now I’m putting them together à la Wendy Reed’s potholder method. 

I also mostly finished my January mini ( Wendy Reed is my inspiration). It just needs to be quilted. This fishy fabric was a gift from my dear friend Barb Vedder. I thought long about how to use it.  I am going to use it as a table runner (for when we eat fish?). Isn’t the fabric fun?

We are heading back to Oregon on Monday after having the grandkids over for two weekends!  Such fun.